By Bgra
  • Bridget Ann

    Bridget arrived to the parents of Phillip and Yolanda
  • Bridget's first word was Dadda

  • I was able to sit up by myself

  • Took my first step, but did not walk on my own completely

  • My 1st Birthday

  • Walked without fumbling

  • My sister was born

  • Kindergarten Starts

    Attended Most Holy Trinity in Detroit,MI. Started Kindergarten with my cousin Melissa. My aunt and uncle were in 3rd and 4th grade at this school. My grandmother was the cook.
  • Grade School Years 1981-1984 Spent at Most Holy Trinity

  • We moved from Detroit

    Yay! We were so excited to move to Dearborn. We felt like this was a biggest accomplishment at this time. Once we moved, we tried to embrace what seemed like a different world and safety being one of them. We were able to play outside without fear!
  • Middle School Years at St Vincents

    Begin here in 1985 for 5th grade and spent my time there until 7th grade. During this time, my sister and 3 of my cousins were all here together. These were some of the best times in my childhood. We had so much fun after school, since we would go to my grandmothers house and play. It was definitely a molding period for us. We developed such a great love for eachother and knew we would always be there for one another. To this day this remains true!
  • High School Years Begin 1990-1994

    I start Ladywood! My parents really put a lot of money toward my education, since I always said I was going to college at a very young age. During High School, was semi rough for me. I was in an area where everyone seemed to have lived a very nice life, and we were barely making it. However, I managed to make some great friends and learn from their experiences. I would watch how their parents parented them and knew that one day I would be a mother.
  • Graduate from Ladywood

    My big day has arrived. I graduate from High School, with so much more knowledge and have taken on leadership roles such as Class President, I was ready to conquer college.
  • College Begins- Penn State - I bleed blue and white!

    So it all really starts here! My parents drive me down to Pennsylvania! I officially have to take care of myself and Im scared. This has to have been the most frightening time of my life, but I was forced to meet and develop some of my strongest friendships ever. Im glad I had my family as my building blocks.
  • Meet Erik, who happens to be my husband now!

    I was a late add to an English class that I really wanted. I arrived to class and it turns out I met my future husband there. We spent all of college years together. In retrospect, I wish we met later so that we would have had different experiences, but that wasnt the plan apparently.
  • Graduate

    Done with School! Yay!
  • Move to Rochester, NY and start my first real job

    Move to Rochester, NY and begin working as a Sales Manager at a Crowne Plaza downtown. I also move in with Erik. During this year of working at the hotel, and looking back, I have grown and developed even more. I think fresh out of college I had a cockiness about me, that was not needed nor was it warranted.
  • Big Day - Finally Married

    I finally marry the man that I love. I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with him and know that we will one day have children!
  • Become a GM at Marriott Hotel

    I become a General Manager for a Residence Inn in Rochester, NY. This was exciting and what a year of experience. I had to learn the hard way that it is not always my way or the highway. I really had to work with my team and develop them into great associates.
  • Move to Cleveland Ohio

    My company transfers me to Solon, OH outside of Cleveland as a General Manager for a SpringHill Suites by Marriiott. We spend a year and half here, during this time we built our first home.
  • I move to Michgan to be close to my family

    So excited to be with my family again!
  • Find out Im pregnant

    The biggest news couldnt havent come at a better time...Im with my family.
  • My first baby is born

    Nora arrives at 7PM, this is super exciting. we have a brand new home to take her home too.
  • Find out Im pregnant with my second child

    This throws us for a loop now, especially since I think I was still hormonal from my last pregnancy. I blame it on the lack of sleep that I encountered during both the pregnancy and once she arrived.
  • Marital Issues

    Due to how I feel,I become a monster to my husband and can not contain anything. During this time I ask for a divorce since I feel he doesnt do enough. In reality and looking back he did do everything. It was just a lot of pressure from family issues that were occuring with my parents and trying to care for a baby and being pregnant.
  • I feel better

    We decide divorce is not the option, especially since we love eachother.
  • Lauren Arrives

    My precious second child arrives, and we are excited to have her home with us. Even with all our problems we had had, my husband manages to be there 100% and do as much as possible.
  • FInd out some shocking news

    Without any fertility drugs, I end up pregnant again! My mom said this was a total love baby, and is she is happy. She is shocked that she will soon have 5 grandchildren(my sister has 2).
  • Marisela Grace Arrives 3 wks early

    Our precious 3rd girl arrives 3 wks early, which was shocking to us. We were not completely prepared, but she was healthy so with that we were able to make it all work out.
  • Period: to

    Work until I retire at 65

    I hope to be able to maintain an edge in my industry to ensure I keep my job.
  • Period: to

    We plan on moving to NY

    We plan on raising all 3 girls here. I have told my husband we will move as soon as the last one completes high school. During thier adolescent years I know I will deal with some tough times, but I plan to instill in them my strenght and courage that my parents put in me. I also hope that they go onto a great University and do find what they are passionate about!
  • Period: to

    Daughter's Married

    I hope during this time, that I'm around to witness my daughters have the most beautiful weddings!
  • Period: to

    Grandchildren to Arrive

    I hope to be around to see my children have children. In fact, I hope they want to have children. I pray my girls will all have long lasting lives which are healthy. Thinking this far ahead is frightening.
  • 1st grandchild attends school

    At this time, I will now be 68 years of age. I hope by the age of 36 my first daughter will be sending off my 1st grandchild to kindergarten. No matter how apart we live, I hope to be there to see that day!
  • Period: to

    Retirement Years 2047-2060

    During these years, I would like to relax and hope to have saved enough money to cover my expenses. I would love to go on many vacations and take my children on vacations with me. As we have evolved over the years, it is highly probable that my children will live in a different state, so it will be important that I factor in travel costs for this.
  • Retire

    At the age of 75, I would like to retire. With the way the economy is today, I feel that we will need to work longer than we have in the past. Im prepared to continue to work.
  • Period: to

    Probable Death

    I feel based on my life expectancy quiz I took, I do think if I do not change my eating and focus on becoming more healthy that I will die during this time frame. Additionally, after reading on Alzheimers, I wouldnt want to be around if I were in this situation only to have my children and possibly grandchildren suffer. I think it would be selfish.