brads time line

  • birth

    thats me well not really me but pretend thats me being born finaly escapeing from the wreched black hole of doom
  • Period: to

    brads life time span

  • THE EX

    THE EX
    first time going to the ex had a blast many times as the years progressed
  • WEE

    the day i decided to master rideing a bike with only two wheels
  • oh no

    broke my whrist skate boarding on ice
  • disney

    got a free trip to disney land thought i was dieing. din't know if i shopuld be happy or scared
  • first job

    i got my first job at the old winnipeg stadium and areana at the concessions life was good
  • my first pet

    my first pet
    it was a nice day my brothere just gave me a gecko the day befor i went to help out at a camp for a week i was so happy. untill i came back home and my brothere forgot to feed,give water and he left the heat lamp on the whole week when i came home he was crispy on top of a rock and the sour stench of death had filled my room and formented into a stkin that would last for over a month not so good times
  • terror

    watching the new when i woke up not really knowing what to make of it
  • gettin the boot from home

    gettin the boot from home
    mom throws me out tells me not to come back over a pack of smokes i wasn't going to buy her
  • outa here

    i get the boot from school the princable had a grudge against me for some reason
  • first place

    first place
    finaly after a few months of liveing on the street and bounceing from buddies couch to couch found my first place that i could call home to bad it was half way across the city
  • future wife

    future wife
    the day i met my wife and the start of a beutifull relationship
  • out of the ghetto

    the day me and the family moved from the terrible manitoba houseing complex and into my wifes dads house.
  • family vacation

    took the family to grand forks for the week had a blast at the hotels and ate like a king at some very great restruants
  • fell in love again

    fell in love again
    birth of my daughter realene
  • family vacation # 2 yet again.

    with dreding going back to winnipeg we decided to stay longer again, but this time go see mt rushmore as we made the 9 hour drive we started to knowtice all these bikes zooming past like crazy. then it dawned on us it was the sturgis biker rally and man was that a blast raelene (my daughter) was the youngest member of the sturgis rally she had fun
  • family vacation # 2

    witht the birth of our baby daughter for some reason we thought it would be a good idea to go on anothere vacation to wisconson dells spent time at the water parks checked out some of the shops and tours good time
  • familiy vacation # 2 continued

    as we were leaveing wisconson dells we thought it would be nice to stay a few extra days in the states so we took off to minisota the twin citys and spent some time at mall of america also good times
  • ATC

    finally got my ass into gear and started going back to school to better my self for the future to come
  • get off the road

    passed my road test finally legal to drive