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Blanca's Life:)

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    the beginning and processing

  • I was born!

  • I was baptized.

  • My little brother was born(Erik) .

  • First time I went to Mexico.

  • My first time having a birthday with a clown

    (fourth birthday)
  • At the age of 5 i began my 1st day of school in my life.

    I know I was old .
  • Lost my 1st tooth.

    (Age 6,1sr grade)
  • I finally stopped drinking milk from a baby bottle.

  • I entered 3rd grade into a new school and took my 1st year of CSAP.

  • Finally in fourth grade and had a great year and joined the fokloric group.

  • I went to Wyoming to perform at different schools and locations and passed on to middle school!

  • I got into advanced courses and took french,spanish,and advanced math.

  • My family began to think about my quinceneara and choices about highschool.

  • I tried out for different highschools and got accepted to the one I wanted . CEC!

  • I had my 15 and had a great experience .