• birth of me

    birth of me
    The day i came into this world and made my family happy and brought them joy.
  • Period: to

    colleen life events

  • first time walking

    first time walking
    i start walking when i was 10 months and i was handing my mom a toy. I walked at 10 months as my moms said so i could catch up to my older sister kaitlyn.
  • my first word

    my first word
    my first word was mom then i started to say the color blue. I had fluid in my ear so i could hear well so I started talking when I was about 1.
  • getting baptised

    getting baptised
    i got batised to my catholic church when i was 2. I was got baptised by Father Sheritt who is for St. Patrick Church.
  • First Bike

    First Bike
    The first time I rode my bike with the help of my dad. I started to ride my bike and my dad would take me up our hill were it was a flate surface.
  • Frst day of school

    Frst day of school
    The first day of school was in 2006 when i was 5 and it was scary but then was fine. I went to a catholic school untill 5th grade.
  • getting my second dog

    getting my second dog
    I got my second dog it was a white toy poodle who is now 4. We got him from a friend who couldnt take of him his name milo.
  • first day of middle school

    first day of middle school
    The first day of middle school and I only a one person but made new friend. It was the first time I went to a public school so it was a huge transision.
  • my first dog died

    my first dog died
    my first dog died at 13 years old his name was spunk and he died on valentines day. We got him in 1999 and his birthday was in december.
  • my grandmom died

    My grandmom passed away in the morning july 09, 2012. She was 74 and she passed away a saturday 3 days before her birthday.