Biotechnology in My Life

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    Biotechnology in My Life

  • Vaccinations

    VaccinesI was vaccinated for diseases such as Polio. A small amount of the weakened disease was put into my body so that it could create antibodies that would resist it.
  • Donation

    DonationMy 23 year old cousin died in a motorcycle accident. Several of his organs were donated.
  • Tetanus

    TetanusI was bitten by a duck! Needed tetanus vaccine to prevent disease.
  • Malaria

    Malaria InformationWhen my family acd I went on a vacation to South Africa, we visited a Malaria prone region, Mumalanga province. We decided not to take Malaria vaccinations. ( I was terrified of the shot, not Malaria)
  • Cadavers

    CadaversMy dad tore ligaments in his knee while skiing. The torn ones were surgically replaced with the living tissue of a dead person- a Cadaver
  • Tuberculosis

    TBMy family and I tested positive after Ineraction with my grandmother. We had to take medicine for 6 months
  • Swine Flu

    Swine Flu
    Flu Vaccine InformationSwine flu outbreak in 2009 was a world pandemic. I was vaccinated against this because the mortality rate for children was high.
  • Genetically Modified food

    Genetically Modified food
    Improve AgricultureMy Mother completely changed my family's diet after rading about the negative effects of Genetically Engineered and processed food
  • Natural Remedies

    Natural Remedies
    Benefits of HoneyMy mom uses natural remedies for the common cold, such as tea and honey.
  • Influenza

    FluI had the flu for 1 entire week (Spring Break) and I had to take antibiotics as a treatment.