Biotechnology And Me, Ari

  • Vaccines

    How Vaccines Work At birth I was given vaccines to protect me from diseases that used to be fatal before doctors and scientists discovered the disease's cure. However, when I was born I'm not sure if I got my vaccines right when I was born because I was in China my first 8 months I was alive. Though, it doesn't matter when I got my vaccines, but now I am protected from fatal or harmful diseases!
  • Fluoride Paste

    Fluoride Paste
    How Does Fluoride Work? Ever since I went to the dentist, I always have to get a fluoride paste put onto my teeth. (There are many different flavors) but the point of the fluoride paste is to strengthen my teeth.
  • Retainer/Palate Expander

    Retainer/Palate Expander
    Kids Health - Retainers When I was in second grade I needed an 'appliance" (retainer/palate expander) to widen my palate and straighten my teeth at the same time. I needed my retainer/palate expander to prepare my mouth for braces.
  • Braces

    How Braces Work After second and third grade, once I had had my retainer for two years, I got braces. I had my braces for two years and throughout those years I had to get rubber bands and a 'coloro-chain' which helped to straighten my teeth out faster.
  • Glasses

    Encyclopedia-Prescripition Eyewear In fourth grade, I also needed glasses to improve my vision. However, in fourth grade my eye sight was better than it is now. So, over the years my eye sight has disimproved.
  • Composter

    How Composters Work My mom is likes to be more 'green' and she's a big gardener. A few years ago my mom got a composter to help 'recycle' our old apple cores and banana peels and leaves so we can have more dirt without having to buy more dirt. The composter has not only helped financially but also with the earth.
  • Microscopes

    How Does a Microscope Work? Last year in 7th grade, life science, we studied cells and many other topics involved with life sciene. When I looked through the microscope I learned about a whole new 'world' that is much smaller than the naked eye can see. Besides discovering this other 'world', I learned about the organisms at the same time. Plus, learning about the microscopic organisms, it fascinated me and made me want to learn more.
  • Contacts

    What Are Contacts? During the summer, I wanted to get contacts, which do excatly the same job as glasses do except they go directly on a person's eye. I have found that contacts are handy, however if dust gets beneath the contact, it's so painful! But that doesn't happen often, luckily.
  • Soy Milk

     Soy Milk
    Organic Soy Milk Benefit I have been drinking soy milk since the beginning of the year. It has less fat than regular milk so it can more beneficial than whole and reduced fat milk.. Because it's organic, it has less pesticides and chemicals from the environment. I still drink soy milk because I believe it is, in my opinion healthier than regular milk and I care about my health.
  • X rays

    X rays
    The Xray Machine A week or so before December/January break I was sledding and I crashed into a tree. The way I 'softened' the crash was with my foot. Little did I know that when I stopped the sled, I did, ever so slightly, crack a tiny bone in my foot. I didn't need a cast because my fracture was so small.