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By nyancat
  • Birth

    I was born in Japan. Biotechnology allowed a succesful birth, which is why it is important in our society.
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  • Tuberculosis Immunization

    Tuberculosis Immunization
    Tuberculosis immunizations were an example of how biotechnology has helped me because it prevents me from getting Tuberculosis.
  • Polio Immunization

    Polio Immunization
    Polio Immunizatoins were an example of how biotechnology has helped me , because it prevents me from developing Polio.
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  • Broken arm

    Broken arm
    Broken my arm when I fell off the monkey bars at my elementary school. Yes, I was pretty stupid.
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  • Vitamins

    Vitamins help people. They relate to biotechnology because they can help people stay healthy.
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  • Broken wrist

    Broken wrist
    i broke my wrist because I fell off the swings. The doctors gave me a cast. This relates to biotechnology because it helped my wrist heal much faster.
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  • hatching chicks

    hatching chicks
    3rd grade we hatched chicks to learn more about the way the embryo develops. This relates to biotechnology because we used incubatiors to keep them warm so it was possible for them to hatch succefully.
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  • Swine Flu

    Swine Flu
    I got sick at my summer camp one day, and for a while I was had fevers and nausea a lot. When they checked me for swine flu, it turned out I did, so they gave me anti-biotics for a while.
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  • Sprained Ankle

    Sprained Ankle
    Sprained my ankle when i was sledding. The doctor gave me crutches and a cast, which helped my leg recover.
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  • Stitches

    Had gotten 14 stiches on my leg when I was walking on top of a big rock, slipped and grazed my leg.
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