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By rau_77
  • Birth

    In these date I was born at the Cedros de Libano Hospital
  • Period: to


  • First Steps

    First Steps
    When I was 2 year old I began making my first steps without the help of my parents.
  • First Toy

    First Toy
    In this date I received my first toy that was a little but pretty hot wheels car
  • Baby's bottle

    Baby's bottle
    I began going to school with the baby's bottle still in my mouth!!
  • First cut

    First cut
    I was playing with my scooter when I crash a little rock and i felt down to the floor crying because my hand was bleeding
  • World Cup

    World Cup
    I saw my my first world on T.V. that was played in France
  • Restroom

    Was the first time I knew how to use correct the restroom!!:)
  • Soccer

    I began playing with my first soccer team in Futeca
  • School Olympics

    School Olympics
    I won my first trophy by running 100 mts and taking the first place
  • Aladdin

    I made a play that was about the story of Aladdin and I represented this character in it.
  • Elemanty School

    Elemanty School
    I was graduatuing from elemanty school wit the recognize of best student from the class
  • First Trip

    First Trip
    My first trip was that I went to El Salvador with my family to saw amazing things
  • Girlfriend

    In this date I was having my first girlfriend
  • Going to Prom

    Going to Prom
    This year will be my graduation from school with my best friends
  • Dj

    I want to be a pro by knowing and learning the steps to be the best Dj that Guatemala ever had in history!!