• My first photo in the hotel room

    My first photo in the hotel room
    My mother was so excited to have this photo for her memory.
  • my first year

    my first year
    in the company of my dog kaiser at my aunts house.
  • my sister's birthday

    my sister's birthday
    I was very happy at my sister's birthday.
  • in the garden of the house.

    in the garden of the house.
    horse riding and playing with my older sister.
  • my first sweet

    my first sweet
    I was very happy with my first sweet .
    I remember yet..
  • my birthday

    my birthday
    at that time was very happy in the company of my parents and my sister was a big day for me ..
    great memories..
  • My beautiful face

    My beautiful face
    I love this picture reminds me a lot to my father.
  • Horseback riding

    Horseback riding
    I was with my younger sister in the farm of my grandmother, on vacation
    i like so much ..
  • at the wedding of my aunt

    at the wedding of my aunt
    with some family photo
  • with my sisters

    with my sisters
    a beautiful memory with my sisters and my cousin.
  • visiting a friend

    visiting a friend
    playing and having fun with my friend Diana in the company of his dog ton .
    was a wonderful day.
  • Fifth Grade

    Fifth Grade
    that day was my ninth grade at my old school in the company of my grandmother and my dear mother.
  • my home

    my home
    bothering and spending time with nothing to do.
  • vacation in cartagena

    vacation in  cartagena
    was a hot day, but very nice...
  • in my living room

    in my living room
    great memories of youth, was taken for my new album.
    :) jejeje
  • night of the best

    night of the best
    that day was great ... called me on the night of the best for my good performance and excellence.
    I got several titles that day, was the best .. I will never forget.
  • with my cousins

    with my cousins
    lol so funny that day visiting the house of my cousins ​​and spending time taking photos and playing...
  • day of the witches

    day of the witches
    that day was fun went out with my friends in search of sweets.
  • on Lake Calima

    on Lake Calima
    were a great vacation in cali.
    never forget
  • cali vacation

    cali vacation
    on the farm roses, imitating the old days and remembering the events of the story of Maria and Jorge Isaac.
  • one day with my boyfriend

    one day with my boyfriend
    as always, enjoying every moment with my boyfriend.
    take many hobbies that day was wonderful.
  • in holy week

    in holy week
    a good week to think of everything that happens in our lives.
  • top model

    top model
    jeje.. playing with the camera and took this beautiful picture.
  • with my good friend orianis

    with my good friend orianis
    that day I met a great person today is a great friend.