Big events in my life

  • 1st Halloween

    1st Halloween
    I was a bumble bee for my first Halloween.
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    My Babyhood

  • Pacific Ocean

    Pacific Ocean
    I saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time.
  • Why am I wet?

    Why am I wet?
    Try to start swimming in the cool, calm pool.
  • A gulp to see a gulf

    A gulp to see a gulf
    I walked into the Gulf of Mexico.
  • A lazy, HAZY day at the zoo!

    A lazy, HAZY day at the zoo!
    We had to leave the zoo early because of the ash and smoke caused by the Hayman fire, the largest forest fire on record in Colorado. Here this picture shows the smoke blotting out the sun.
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    My Todlorhood

  • I'm a big brother!!

    I'm a big brother!!
    I become a big brother to Aidan Green, my one and only brother.
  • Freeeezzzzzing!

    I saw my first two feet deep pile of snow.
  • All Aboard

    All Aboard
    I went on the Cog Rail Train to Pikes Peak with my little brother.
  • Wedding for Uncle Cope

    Wedding for Uncle Cope
    My brother and I brought a lantern with two wedding rings.
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    My Childhood (K-2)

  • 100th day!

    100th day!
    It's finally here my 100th day of the school year!
  • Splish! Splash!

    Splish! Splash!
    I had my first pet fish. A Beta named Splash.
  • High Heights

    High Heights
    Hi from the Royal Gorge under the flag of Colorado.
  • Where's the brakes on this thing?!

    Where's the brakes on this thing?!
    This was first time driving solo!
  • Goalllll!

    I score my very first goal on my team.
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    My Childhood (3-5)

  • Poppity, Pop, Pop!

    Poppity, Pop, Pop!
    My first science fair project!
  • Bite! Yikes!

    Bite! Yikes!
    Have you ever held a real young alligator and had your toe almost get eaten by a big turtle?
  • Chase the Mayor

    Chase the Mayor
    MR. Green has a problem with kids who want to use town square for a play to worship Jesus.
  • Cool Jazz!

    Cool Jazz!
    This is a picture of me with my new saxaphone. I am gonna learn to make cool jazz music!