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  • 7.2- Exosystem

    7.2- Exosystem
    My dad did not want to move to a different city in India. This would mean leaving all of his friends. His parents told him that there are time in life when we do not want to do things but we have to. It seems like he learned a lot from that and taught me the same principle. My exosystem would be my dad'sinteraction with his dad. My mesosystem would thus be how my exosystem influenced my microsystem. My gr-parents indirectly infl. me having to go to school and and they directly infl. my dad.
  • 1.1-Birth

    On July 12, 1991 I was born and named Bhupinder Singh Padda. I was the first child in my family to be born in California. My grandparents were so greatful for my birth that they nicknamed me Prince.
  • 2.4-APGAR

    Looking at the 1min and 10min APGAR exam Nicolai appeared to be in great health. It was kind of hard to hear what the heart rate was (1). The respiratory effort was good and there was lots of crying (2). The muscle tone seemed to be good with active motion (2). The reflex responsitivity was great with vigorous crying (2). The color was pink with a little blue on the hands and feet (1). His temperature was 98.9F. He was 8lb 5oz. with a length of 21in. The overall APGAR score would be an 8.
  • 4.2- First Word

    4.2- First Word
    The first word that I said was Papa. My parents informed me that I never showed overextension with the word; I did show some underextension. I only referred to my dad as papa which is true becaue anybody else would not be my papa. I didn't know that the word was for all dads; I thought it was mine. I was able to develop the phoneme of pa-pa, and then understand the to some extent morpheme. Over the years I would understand that papa was what children called their fathers.
  • 5.1 Kohlbergs & Gender

    5.1 Kohlbergs & Gender
    I think that Parker is 2. At first she said that she was a boy and later she said that she was a girl. This shows that she does not have a firm grasp on the concept of gender identity. She also does not know about gender stability as she changed the sex of herself and many of her peers when she was asked about them twice.She did answer sme of the earlier questions about gender correctly which means that she may have some idea of gender identity.
  • 6.1- Self Conscious Emotions.

    6.1- Self Conscious Emotions.
    I remember experiencing self-conscious emotions when I was three. My friend got the brand new train set that I wanted. He was very excited and really happy. Seeing him happy with the toy made me very jealous because I wished that it was me who had the train set. I had an odd smile on my face and it was obvious that I was not happy for him.
  • 4.1-Memory

    I was eating pizza. My bro (2) asked for a bite and I tried to feed him. When he went to take a bite, he ended up ripping off half of the slice. I couldn't stop laughing at how clever he was. The reason I remember this is because I was old enough to talk about it. Also, this was a story that we regularly joke about so I often recall it from my long-term memory; this helps to solidify it. At that age I began to realize what self was so I was able to talk about past events from that point on.
  • 3.1- Preoperational Magnetism

    3.1- Preoperational Magnetism
    I would show the child a picture 2 ppl hugging and then shoving. This would allow me to utlilize their ability to focus on states as I teach them a new concept. I would ignore what happens between the two states. I would also create symbols for the process. The magnet could be a toy ball. The toy ball is either going to move toward me if I push it towards myself or away from me if I push it away. I would pretend play with the child and go over rolling the ball towards and away from him.
  • 6.2- Self control

    6.2- Self control
    I remember my mom bringing home 4lbs of gummy worms. She told me that I could only eat five a day. I ate all five right away. After an hour I got the urge to eat it some more. I ended up eating 10 more. This shows a lack of self-control and a delay of gratification. I was unable to listen to the commands of my mother and ended up eating more than what I was supposed to. I could not wait 1 day to eat them.
  • I was a huge fan of MJ growing up

    I was a huge fan of MJ growing up
  • 2.1- Passive Gene Environment Correlation

    2.1- Passive Gene Environment Correlation
    My parents would regularly attend church every weekend. There belief was that religion is important for developing virtuous individuals. This was a passive link because they would take me to church every weekend and spending time in that environment at an early age got me to share the same beliefs as them. My parents created that social environment for me due to their interest in religion and their beliefs of its significance.
  • 7.1- Parental Strategies

    7.1- Parental Strategies
    I remember I did not want to go to school. My parents viewed their efficacy as being able competent and being able to control me. They told me that I had no choice and that I had to go to school because it was required for everyone. I would not talk back to my parents and displayed committed compliance. This made it easier for them to raise me.
  • 8.2- School Transitions

    8.2- School Transitions
    I had a tough time starting school. I did not know a lot of English as it was not my native language. This made it difficult to adjust. I also did not have any acquaintances to help facilitate peer acceptance. After the first few months, This was similar to what is expected. The main difference that I did not see in the reading was children running back to their parents continuously. I remember not wanting to go to school for the first trimester. This seems like a long time to adjust.
  • 5.2 Encouraging Gender Schemas

    5.2 Encouraging Gender Schemas
    I think teachers play a sig. role with gender schemas. Things like "Ladies first" or "treat girls nicely" are ways that adults encourage gender schemas. Instead of showing equality, they tend create differences between the two genders.This then leads to stereotypes like women being more "fragile" then men. Treating girls different than boys, causes boys to create a gender schema about them. The schema starts to become that they are not equal to us and that they are gentler than us.
  • 8.1- Children and Television

    8.1- Children and Television
    I would love to watch Blues Clues as a child. The language was easy to comprehned which made the show much more interesting. Interactive shows are perfect for keeping children involved. There were lots of short segments so it was easy for me to remember the events and what I was supposed to help Blue look for. Because of the cartoon background, I knew that the events were fictional.
  • 1.3-Methods

    A child just witnessed someone getting robbed. It is essential to determine what the suspect looked like. Since the child may be confused/scared it is best to start by calming him down. It is also good to crouch down so that you are at the same level as the child so he doesn't feel intimidated. Everything should be simplified so the he can comprehend it. Lastly one should ask him to describe what the suspect looked like, at first w/o pic so he doesnt get confused.
  • 7.4- Friendship

    7.4- Friendship
    Nolan was my best friend during my middle childhood years. We were of the same age and sex. We both liked basketball and dodgeball. We watched the same movies and had a lot in common. I did not have a good friend of the opposite sex at this time because I was resistant to the idea of having a girl as a friend. We all know that girls have coodies.
  • I loved Spongebob and his goofy smile

    I loved Spongebob and his goofy smile
  • 1.2-Theories

    My parents no longer have a relationship with siblings from both of their sides. This was the effect of bad communication throughout the years. From this tragic event I decided to make efforts to maintain a healthy and close relationship with my brother. Piaget would think that events like this are an example of how active children are in learning. They are able to see right from wrong, and analyze the situation in an effort to make improvements. It is great to learn from others mistakes.
  • 3.2-Concrete Magnetism

    3.2-Concrete Magnetism
    Since the child is now older and able to perform actions such as reversibility, I would go into more detail. I would get 2 magnets and I would demonstrate to the child that if you place the magnets in one direction they will attract and in the other they repel. I would also demonstrate this with other objects. With examples they would be able apply what I say iand learn concretely. With trial and error they can see the principles of magnets and learn the fundamentals of magnetism.
  • 7.3- Crowds and Cliques

    7.3- Crowds and Cliques
    A clique that I was a part of was a study group for math and science. We had the same classes for math and science and we would sit together during classa. We would also meet outside of class to study. A crowd that I was identified with was "brains." I had a GPA over 4.0 and got all straight A's taking many AP classes. I did not see myself as a "brain" but other students did.
  • 6.3- Moratorium

    6.3- Moratorium
    In high school I took many AP classes. I wanted to see what subjects challenged me. I also wanted to explore what subjects I was interested in and that I excelled in. I think it is great how high school gives students the opportunity to look at different classes and academic programs so that they can pick the right career path for them. I also started volunteering at Doctors Medical Center
  • 2.3- Evocative Gene Environment Correlation

    2.3- Evocative Gene Environment Correlation
    I was the Shift Leader for Fridays and was in charge of managing the other volunteers. In an effort to recognize hard workers, I convinced the volunteer dept. to utilize a scorecard that I had created. It allowed us to keep track of how hard each volunteer was working. This would be an example of evocative link because my eagerness to have recognition for distinct volunteers prompted the volunteer dept. to utilize the scorecard. Volunteers were now encouraged to try their best all the time.
  • 6.4 – Achieved

    6.4 – Achieved
    After exploring many different classes I reached the achieved identity status for my career. I chose biochemistry. I had done really well in chemistry and I had a lot of passion for that subject. After volunteering for over 320hrs, I realized that I had a passion for helping others. I committed to a career in dentistry and have been working hard to achieve my goal ever sense. Had I not explored the various courses and volunteered, I would not have come across/committed to dentistry.
  • 3.3- Imaginary Audience

    3.3- Imaginary Audience
    I would think about imaginary audiences all the time in physics. I accidentally yelled out the wrong answer in class once. From that point on I was afraid to yell out the answer because I felt that the other students would think that I was stupid if I yelled out the wrong answer again. This demonstrates the formal operational stage because children tend to reason hypothetically. Over hypothesizing can lead to unnecessary stress and the belief of imaginary audiences.
  • 2.2- Active Gene Environment Correlation

    2.2- Active Gene Environment Correlation
    I signed up for classes for Fall 2011 semester. They are all chemistry classes. This is based upon the acitve gene environment correlation because my interest in chemistry caused me to choose an environment that focused in that field. My genes caused my to be good/interested in chemistry. Due to my interest in chemistry I attempted to niche-pick and create an environment where I would focus my time soley on chemistry. I have found out that most of my friends share the same interest.