By Bhumesh
  • Marriage

    My parents got married
  • Birth and Prental Development

    I was born at CIMS hospital in Ahmedabad, India at around 11:45 PM. I am the oldest child in my family and moms favorites.During labor my mom use to eat lot of hot food and thats why i like to eat hot food. My birth was natural birth.
  • Name

    After five days my family finally called me "Bhumesh" .Which means "lord of land" in our language.
  • First two years : Biosocial

    I use to sleep a lot at first. My parents were shocked at how well i would go down for a nap and sleep through the night.
  • First word (cognative development event)

    My first was "baa" which means grandmother at the age of two. I ues to play a lot with my grandmother, she ues to tell me stories and ues to take me to parks. I LOVE MY GRANDMOTHER SO MUCH.
  • First two years : psychoscial

    I was always a happy boy.I always use to smile and laugh with everyone. I never had any problem getting carried by someone i didn't know and i loved attention. One tine
  • Early Childhood: Biosocial

    At the age of three i was almost overweight. I ues to eat a lot. I had no problem getting adiequate amount of nutrition. I use to eat everything even earth. Some of my favorite food were pani puri,pav vada (indian burger) and ice-cream.
  • Early Childhood: psychosocial

    One day at the age of four i was playing outside. All of the sudden a little skiny boy came out of his house with bat and a ball in his tiny hand. He threw ball towards me and told ne to threw back. His name is Shaline.
  • Early Childhood:Cognative

    At the age of five i started going to kindergarden ten minutes walk from my house. I went to school with my best friend. I do not remember much about it except crying when my parents had to leave. I also remember lunch time,i always reach there first leaving everythingthat i was doing.
  • Preschool graduation

    At the last of my preschool we have preschool graduation ceremony. We wore little white cap and gowns and sang our national anthem. I remember that day and my parents crying and laughing both at a same time watching me sing.
  • Middle Childhood:Biosocial

    When i was six years old, my dad asked the head coach of my school cricket team to give coaching to me. That''s how my cricket career began. within one year , my head coach elected me as the captain (under 7) of my team becasue of my performance.
  • Middle Childhood: Psychsocial

    During this year of my life with my best freind shalin. Our freindship deeper and deeper. Since we lived so closed and went to same school, even same classes. We were always nice to other kids, but it just never clicked with them as it cliced with Shalin. We were content to playing with only eachother.
  • Middle Childhood: Cognitive

    I always have had a great memory. if i went to a place one, I would remember everything about it, even how to get there. Once I went to a temple five kilometers away from my house with my mother, I got lost, due to heavy crowd. I came back from the temple to my house alone. My family were amazed and scared at the same time.
  • Adolescence:Psychosocial

    Some teenagers drift apart from their parents during the adolescence. however, during this time, i grew closer to them. We always go to temple, and in vacations, we would have family time and fun no matter what happens. laughing, joking, talking, sharing stories, mimiking, etc. I cannot imagine not having a close family relationships.
  • Adolescence: Biosocial

    When I was 13 years old, I was playing with my friends on the wall. I accidently fell and broke my left hand. It was my first major injury. I was taken to hospital where doctors inserted two stains-less steel rods in my arm to support my broken bones. I still remember those six months wearing that heavy cast.
  • Adoloescence: Cognitive

    I loved middle school, especially eighth grade. My friends and I were at the top of the school and we had great time. The friends I made during middle school are the same friends I have to this day. It has always been the four of us and it always will be. Other people “friend hopped” or jumped from friends group to friends groups, but I have stuck with same group of friends since then and I would not have it any other way.
  • Emerging Adulthood: Psychosocial

    It was a sad day in my life as i lost my grandfather this day .I was under depression for few months after losing him from my life.
  • Migration

    I came to United States from India to start my new life in new world.
  • Emergining Adhulthood: Psycosocial

    On this beautiful day, i found my first love. Her name was Pankti
    We met at the park and we hung out for a while and i started to fall in love with her. she was filled with hope and spirit of taking the whole world on herself.
  • Amusement Park.

    went to cedar point for the firt time with my whole family. it was so much fun and i would like to go again and again.
  • First Car

    I got my first car. I was so exicted and happy. it was 2003 Buick Century, I call it a Ferrari. TIll now i still drive that car and I still enjoy it. despite of having for Escape 2010
  • Emerging Adulthood: Cognitive

    I got graduated from Plymouth High School. I am the first one to graduate from high school in my family.
  • First Year Of College

    I started college. SchoolCraft Community College
  • Fisrt Job

    First Job at Subway Restaurant. I was scared and nervous, never expected i will start job this early in my life. I love working there, it is fun and easy.
  • First Day In University

    I will go for higher studies at Wayne University. i m looking forward to study at new place and make new group of friends, and getting one step closer from achieving my goal. to become occupational therapist.
  • Adulthood: Cognitive

    I plan to graduate from University of Michigan's - OT School. And then getting a job.
  • Adulthood: Psychosocial

    I plan to marry my pankti. my girlfriend. we thave talked about it and i think it would work. However, we are currently 21. but if all goes as planned we will be happily married and have 2 kids. We will eat, go on vacation together and have lots and lots of fun.
  • Adulthood : Biosocial

    I m gonna need glasses. I can already tell this because my far sight vision is already weakened. I hate waering glasses so i would get contacts and that would make me look cool.
  • Late Adulthood:Psychosocial

    when i reacher an older age i hope to have a great relationship with my grandchildren and other family members. i have been so close with both my grandparents and i expect to be the same way. grandparents are great because theu spoil the kids like give them ice cream foor breakfast and think nothing of it. also like my grandparents often do: brag abou ttheir grandkids. it is well known thing grandparents like to show off their friends and i intent on doing that as well.
  • Late Adulthood: Biosocial

    I believe when I become a late adult, I will not prejudice in any ways. At least not in a way like previous generations have bee. I have been lucky to grow up in a very diverse area have many different background and nationalities at all my different school. Especially my college which is in Ann Arbor mi. Basically a melting pot of different background.
  • Late Adulthood: Cognitive.

    I’m very nervous for what kind of diseases I am encounter as I reach late adulthood. My grandmother on my dad’s side has very bad dementia along with Alzheimer’s diseases. I saw what it did to her and it is not something I would like to experience. However, it does run in genes, so I just know now to be aware of it and look for the sign when I grew older. My dad does as well.
  • Death anf Dying:

    I predict I will pass away when I’m 92 years old because I recently took the life expectance test. And that was what the prediction number was. I eat right. Sleep right do not smoke or drink and have good relationship, laugh a lot and am very happy. All those things add up to being big factors of growing older. I would like to pass away peacefully with my family by my side.