Betty´s life

Timeline created by Bety Sánchez
  • My birth

    My birth
    The most beautiful day was when I was born
  • My baptism

    My baptism
    That day was part of the children of Jesus
  • My three years party

    My three years party
    I had my first party, with my favorite cake and got many gifts
  • Period: to

    My first academic level

    It was a very beautiful moment, I learnt numbers and letters and I had my first friends
  • My second academic level

    My second academic level
    It was a beautiful moment, I learned things and got an honorary degree
  • Athletics contest

    Athletics contest
    After so much training, I won second place, awarded with a medal
  • My first communion

    My first communion
    Accompanied by my godparents and my parents, I received for the first time the body and blood of Jesus Christ
  • Period: to

    My third academic level

    High school was undoubtedly the best, I found excellent friends, I got to know God better and my effort was reflected with many diplomas
  • My xv years

    My xv years
    The dream of having a quinceañera party was fulfilled, with a divine waltz, with several gifts and without a doubt with that big smile that characterizes me
  • My fourth academic level

    My fourth academic level
    After so much effort I managed to enter high school