Before, actually and after of my life

Timeline created by Javis1220
  • My birth

    The best/worst day of my life :vvvv
  • The third semester

    Is my semester, full of adventures, this is the part where Javis... fall in love c': (Perfect, since june, but the first day of classes is the confirmation of your existence)
  • Period: to


    My introduction to the society :v7
  • Period: to

    My Elementary School

    I knew the violence :'v
    But i was resistant
  • Period: to

    My High medium school

    More liberty for the little paladin :')
  • Period: to

    The High Mid school

    This is my favorite part: My new group, and new friends.
    Oh, and the carpenters.
  • Period: to

    The university

    My vocation is decided here
  • Period: to

    The Part of my life where I do not know what to do :'v

    Posibilities: Accountant, Attorney, Psychologist, teacher.