Bair, Brandon - Timeline

By bairbra
  • Birth

    I was my mothers first pair of twins, and my moms 6th and last child to be born.
  • Period: to

    Brandon Bair's Life

  • First Words

    First Words
    My first words for my beginning life as a infant or child was "Da-da" or also known as dad. and that same day, my seconds complete words was "Mommy".
  • First Steps as a Two Year Old.

    First Steps as a Two Year Old.
    I celebrated my birthday on Sep. 22nd. and right after that day in the beginning of the morning, even tho i et i was still a little tired, i took my first steps. My mom explained that i kept trying to run, but because it was my first steps, i kept tripping myself.
  • First Move-In to a New House

    First Move-In to a New House
    I first lived in Darby, Pennsylvannia, but once i hit 4, my mom moved me and my big family to great Springfield into a nice little home, but to me than, it was the biggest thing in the world.
  • My Daredeviling Days

    My Daredeviling Days
    My dardeviling days were adventrous, and spectacular, one of the funnest times was being dared to go down my stairs in a clothes-basket from my brother, that is now 21. When we told my mom, she was as red as a tomato, and worried that she wanted to bring me to the hospital, but i could tell nothing was wrong with me.
  • My moms first marriage since my Birth

    My moms first marriage since my Birth
    Well, to the man i apparently see as a mean grouch, aka as my old step dad, finally married my mother in 2006, in a nice church.
  • Beginning of Sabold Elementary

    Beginning of Sabold Elementary
    The first time going into Sabold elementary was in 2007 for 1st grade. Kindergarten I was finishing up my time in my catholic school St. Kevins, which is now shut down due to financial reasons.
  • My First Communion

    My First Communion
    Since i come from a catholic family, I go o chruch and CCD. and in 2009, my first Communion was a very exciting day for me due to all the presents, and treats i got from my relatives.
  • My Perfection in PSSA's

    My Perfection in PSSA's
    The big PSSA week, my first PSSA week, and toughest was in April. I battled and struggled through each second of the PSSA's with my anxiety, but maybe it gave me some what of an advantage, due to my PERFECT score in PSSA's.
  • I'm Finally Out of the First Digits!

    I'm Finally Out of the First Digits!
    On September 22nd, at approximately 11;53, i was finally into double digits! Very exciting because it started a new mind set for me like being more respectful, mature, etc.