Bailey's Timeline

Timeline created by sswilliams19
  • Bailey's Birthing

    Bailey's Birthing
    mother dearest gave birth to a beautiful baby Bailey
  • Got my first dog

    Got my first dog
    i got my first dog and named her princess. she is a pomeranian.
  • started dance

    started dance
    my mom put me in dance and i have taken classes ever since.
  • sister was born

    sister was born
    my sister was born and ruined the happiest years of my life
  • parents got divorced

    parents got divorced
    my mom left my dad and we went and lived with my grandma
  • went to my first concert

    went to my first concert
    went to a justin beiber concert with reece in second grade

    my bestie bella came to oppe and we have been super close ever sense
  • moved in with my stepdad

    i moved in with my stepdad and his daughter layla.
  • Got another dog

    Got another dog
    I got another dog and named her stella. she is an australian shepherd, and got along with my dog princess very well
  • Parents got married

    Parents got married
    my mom married my step dad. we had a very small wedding at my grandparents house.
  • middle school

    middle school
    i started middle school. i was scared at first but i had my friends to help me through it.
  • brother was born

    brother was born
    my brother was born when i was 12 years old.
  • Got a new house

    we moved into a house. it wasnt that interesting
  • mushroom fridays

    mushroom fridays
    started a tradition called mushroom fridays. we would sit down in the middle of the hallway. this is probably why our teachers loved us.
  • close friends

    close friends
    i started to become really close with an amazing group of people. i love being able to call them my friends, and i know that i will always remember them
  • Got braces

    Got braces
    I got braces on the summer before 8th grade. it was a lot more painful then i thought it would be.
  • tornettes

    I made the drill team for the high school ill be going to
  • start high school

    start high school
    this will be the first year of high school
  • become a youth group leader

    become a youth group leader
    i would like to be able to become a youth leader at a church to be able to help them learn and know about jesus.
  • get a drivers license

    get a drivers license
    i will get a drivers license as soon as i turn 16 that way i can help take my siblings to school.
  • become colonel

    i will hopefully become the colonel for the drill team at the hight school i am going to
  • go to college

    go to a really good college for medical careers
  • graduate high school

    i will hopefully graduate high school with honors.
  • alaskan cruise

    alaskan cruise
    i will be going on a cruise to alaska
  • go on a mission trip

    go on a mission trip
    i want to be able to go on a mission trip and help kids in another country
  • get married

    get married
    i will get married at disneyworld
  • have a kid

    I want to have my first kid in my late 20's that way i wont be a really old mom who doesn't remember what its like to be a kid
  • adopt a kid

    i would love to be able to adopt at least one kid during my lifetime and be able to give them the life that they deserve.
  • become an anesthesiologist

    become an anesthesiologist
    finish my schooling and get the job i've always wanted
  • get a pet lion

    get a pet lion
    i will get a pet lion, no matter what other people think of t and it will be named simba.
  • retire

    i will probably retire around age 70.
  • Baileyś death

    i hope that i will live to be at least 100.