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Awsome timeline

  • Italy's King Assassinated

    Italy's King Assassinated
    : On the evening of July 30, anarchist Angelo Bresci shot the king of Italy, King Umberto I, three times. The assassination was in retaliation for a violently crushed 1898 labor revolt. His son, Victor Emmanuel III, succeeded him.
  • Sputnik Launched!

    Sputnik Launched!
    Dec 1, 1900, when the Soviet Union successfully launched Sputnik I. The world's first artificial satellite was about the size of a beach ball,
  • My fathers grandmmothers birth

    she was born 12 dec 1906
  • My mom birth

    My mom was born 17 sep 1964
  • Brazil's Capital Moves to Brand New City

    Brazil's Capital Moves to Brand New City
    The city is located in the Federal District, and is in the Central-West region of the country, along a plateau known as Planalto Central. It has a population of about 2,562,963 (3,716,996 in the metropolitan area)
  • My moms brother

  • Illegal fireworks factory explodes killing 15 (Rome Italy)

     Illegal fireworks factory explodes killing 15 (Rome Italy)
    1972 in italy and rome an illegal factory explodes and kills 15 people 20 injured badly.
  • My grandfather

    My grandfather
    2001 my grand father dies
  • American terrssiost

    American terrssiost
    Timothy McVeigh, American terrorist
  • My brothers birth

    My brother who is one year older than me was born 2002 April 10
  • AbdulMoiz's Birth

    I was born on april 15 2003
  • I know my full name

    Abdulmoiz shahzad
  • My sister

    Maryum was born may 6 2006
  • My dog

    My dog was welcomed in our house
  • Bombing kills 23 people in Bali.

     Bombing kills 23 people in Bali.
    The Indonesian national news agency, ANTARA, reported that the first two explosions occurred at 6:50 p.m. local time, near a Jimbaran food court and the third at 7:00 pm. in Kuta Town Square. Other reports claim that the blasts occurred at around 7:15 p.m
  • John Sentamu

    John Sentamu
    John Sentamu becomes the first African American archbishop in the Church of England
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