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AVID Timeline


    I am now considered a baby instead of a fetus. After nine months of developing in my mothers womb, I am now me. LET MY LIFE BEGIN!!! This is me and Ross. I've always loved this picture.
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    Personal Timeline

  • Elementary School.

    Elementary School.
    I think Elementary school is about learning and following social norms. It's about following directions and learning basic skills we need for life. It's about socializing and making friends & showing your abilities as a student and a member of society.
  • Parent's split

    My dad was never really around. But without him at home, there was a difference. We were obviously poorer & I think thats the biggest deal to me. I liked his new girlfriend though. They had a pool and she favored me over my younger brother and sister.
  • Lived with Dad.

  • Moved to Coon Rapids

    A new start. With new friends and a new outlook on life.
  • 8th Grade

    8th Grade
    I met Abbey In 8th grade health. We bonded over a mutual loving for Twilight and Robert Pattinson. We've been close ever since. She encouraged me to join cheerleading, go on a date, and continues to support me in my personal life. I never pictured that Abbey & I would be in the same situation, but she tells me to get over it, she makes me laugh at myself
  • LULU(:

    The day we were told we were going to babysit a dog for 3 months. Then we learned that we were adopting her. We gave her away last June. She was my cuddlebug with or without Ben. She loved us even though we put her on the trampoline and put her in stupid santa outfits and stupid hats. She would know we loved her when we gave her treats and kisses. I was devestated when we gave her away... I've planned to buy her back for a Thousand dollars sooner or later...
  • Joining AVID

    Although lots of people have come and gone, I do remember those In the original class. AVID has not only taught me about myself as a learner, but it has shown me how a group of people could become ca family.
  • Highschool.

    I have not wanted to rid of a place so quick. it was fun during Freshman and Sophomore year, but now all I think about is moving forward. I just want out. It has been a great experience and I've learned a lot about myself and the way i learn. I am a visual learner first. Then, if thats not making sense I always try to verbalize the task. In highschool, I learned that the motivation and drive needs to be there. otherwise, you wont get where you need to be in life to be successful.
  • Annabell was born!

    Annabell was born!
    Annabell is my niece, she's now 3 years old. I was sooo excited when she was born. I babysat very often & she lllooooovvvvvveeddd Auntie Alley. She would call my name in the morning to get her out of her crib. Shes such a sweet heart. Now, she causes trouble, she's shy and we have to pin her down to get her dressed. But it's okay. I still love her. I think She was the first responsibility I truly had- someone I could care for and spoil & love. & I cannot wait to have more nieces in the future.
  • Cheerleading

    I started Cheerleading in the fall of tenth grade. It was a new and fun experience. I met a lot of new people & was moderately physically fit for two years. I did not continue in cheerleading once I had a job. Making state was amazing & our Varsity soccer squad was amazeballs.
  • Teachers who influence me

    I feel like Mrs. Shostak has had the most influence on my personal life. Shes "real" with me. And she really makes me think about things in a different perspective. She's the most understanding of my situation & the way I think as a woman. & I love her personality.
    Mrs. Appel has had the most influence on my academic career. She pushed me to make decisions for myself- what would be best for me & the best way to get there. She got me through Junior year.
  • My 16th Birthday

    I feel like whenI turned 16, i considered it the start of adulthood. It also changed the way I looked at others behavior and maturity.
  • 11th Grade/ Meeting Alex

    11th Grade/ Meeting Alex
    11th Grade got harder, I was loosing motivation, but I got through it thanks to Abbey and Alex. They made AVID and every other class we were in fun. We call ourselves the Triple A's. It fits. I feel like our personalities and attitudes either compliments or amplify each others. These girls will always be remembered & not forgotten as my first true best friends that I can share anything with.I will be forever glad to have met these two girls & have them in my life for what I consider a long time.
  • Started job at Cub Foods

    Started job at Cub Foods
    I decided that it was time to become a part of the real world and get a job. It helps to know people. I feel like working at Cub is the best first job experience. My co-workers and I are close & I enjoy the money I make. Which isn't much.
  • Started dating Ben

    Started dating Ben
    Ben and I met at work. We went to Acolpulco on our first date. We went to prom & after that we just kinda decided we would date and see where it would leave us when it came time for him to leave for AF Basic. We are obviously still together. I really have to say, I obviously have a lot to say about Ben, I really do not know what kind of person I would be without Ben. He is honestly the best thing that has happened to me.
  • My moms cancer scare

    My moms cancer scare
    I don't really know what to say about this... So I'm sure I'll speak about it. This is also when she got rid of Lulu, so gone was the coping object... No more snuggles.
  • Puppies were born,

    Puppies were born,
    They aren't mine, but I definetly was around to take care of them while they were tinytinypuppies. Whenever I go over ther now, they love to cuddle with me & kiss me. They know who I am. I got to know Karmen a little bit more when they were in the process of being born. I hate chihuahua's though. But Gracies still my favorite.
  • Became engaged

    Became engaged
    We were already planning on getting married when he was home from tech school. But I think we made it official official because we needed reassurance... I can't beleive how lucky I am to have him in my life- theres no words to describe who is to me. I'll never understand how he loves me as much as he does.
  • Ben left for basic

    Ben left for basic
    A picture of us snuggling a couple of hours before he left. We took a nap and watch Ancient Aliens. I wasn't ready for him to leave, but Ben has been ready since the summer. I've never felt so panicked in my life. After a meal of spaghetti and a simple kiss, he left. And I went straight to bed. I didn't cry though- he wouldn't have wanted to leave... It was only two months but after 10 months of being together constantly, it takes a toll on you.
  • Ben Graduated from BMT

    Ben Graduated from BMT
    Went to San Antonio for a week to celebrate & spend four days with Ben and his family. It was great to see him- even if just for a short time.This obviously has a large impact on his life- which reflects on to mine. I am so proud of him & this is a huge accomplishment that will effect us the rest of our lives.
  • 18th BIRTHDAY!!

    18th BIRTHDAY!!
    I feel like I am already an adult- especially since I have so much on my plate already. But turning 18 is a milestone- one I will never forget. I'll be getting married & moving away & going to school. I'll be living a new life- one outside of home without my mom or my family.But I know that things'll be quite easier and more enjoyable with Ben around. To keep things straight & take care of my sanity. So many adult things all at once.

    I am sooo excited for this. I hope I don't trip on the stage... But I want to graduate proudly- for myself and my family. I'll know that when it's time, I will have gotten myself there. It's one of the first major life events that truly affects the rest of my life (education wise). I will have accomplished a common goal that every high school Senior waits for.
  • Marwege.

    Obviously I'm getting married, nbd.I'm just not sure when we'll recieve Ben's orders so everything is on hold.I can't even explain my feels. I see marriage as security,solace, support, work, and as strength. I know we'll be stronger together as a married couple than just as committed teenagers. Ben is it.
  • Going to Italy

    Going to Italy
    For our actual honeymoon, we are going to Italy from the 10th to the 17th. It'll be my first time on an airplane... First time to a foreign country... But I know that Ben will comfort me and help me not hypervenalate from excitement. But we need that getaway. On our own, as adults. As married adults.
  • Plan on graduating from DMS Schooling

    Plan on graduating from DMS Schooling
    After I graduate from technical school, I'm going to apply for a job at the prenatal clinic on base, If not, then I will be applying somewhere from 15-20 minutes away. I want a job in my field so I feel like I am actualy utilizing my education to better myself and my education.
  • Family.

    I figure we'll either plan to concieve or accidentely have already concieved a baby by this time. Within the next 5- 5 &1/2 years of course. We 'plan' (I'm not sure you can really plan these things), to have 3-4 children by age 32. He is obvously the only man I see myself having children with.