By afdbb1
  • Birthday

    The day my parents were blessed with the best thing that could ever happen to them - their amazing daughter, ME :)
  • Sister's Born

    Sister's Born
    Today is the day I was blessed with one of my bestfriends. Although we torment each other quite often..she's still one of my best friends - MY SISTER :)
  • Kindergarten

    This is the day I entered Mrs. Pontalunes's kindergarten class-starting my life's journey. I threw up during the flag salute all over my ugly plaid dress and left early.
  • Jr. Honor Society

    Jr. Honor Society
    Today is the day I was inducted into the Jr. Honor Society at Haskell School.
  • Confirmation

    I recieved my confirmation today. This is a huge accomplishment in the Christian community.
  • 8th grade trip

    8th grade trip
    In 8th grade we spent two nights in washington dc. It was amazing and I learned alot of historic information.
  • 8th Grade Dance

    8th Grade Dance
    The day I went to my first formal dance. It was an amazing night and I loved spending it with my favorite people beforoe we parted ways in highschool.
  • 8th Grade Graduation

    8th Grade Graduation
    The day I finally departed from Haskell Elementary School and moved on to Lakeland.
  • COCO

    Today's the day my family adopted my aunt's dog Coc.o. She's literally one of my bestfriends - regaurdless if the fact that she's a dog. We sleep together, run together, and when I have no one else to talk to..I inform Coco on my life's stories. lol

    I celebrated my 16th birthday at the Grand Chalet in Wayne with all of my friends and family. It was one of the best nights of my life.
  • Nationals

    My first MAJOR Varsity Cheerleading competition! It took place in Oceancity, Maryland and my family was down there to support me. My mom was standing near a curb, fell and broke her back while my family (and the team) were still down there.

    Today is the day I finallllly get to drive! Sooo exciting! I'm getting a 2011 honda civic, in blue.