My Autobigraphy

Timeline created by Geraldine Viviana Meneses M...
  • The day of my birth

    The day of my birth
    It was the most important day of my parents since I was born I was a blessing to them
  • My first costume

    My first costume
    My mom has always liked to dress up us and she is very happy fixing her first daughter for Halloween for the first time
  • Day of my christening

    Day of my christening
    It was the day that mom and dad made me consecrate to God
  • My sister's birth

    My sister's birth
    It was a very beautiful moment for me because the most beautiful thing in my world was born in my company, he is one of the people I love the most.
  • My first communion

    My first communion
    It was a very important moment in my life and special because I was able to receive God in my heart and know more about him.
  • My fifteen years

    My fifteen years
    It was a very important day and a beautiful memory, because I was surrounded by the most important people and I was able to share and enjoy with my loved ones.