Ashley Zaworski's TimeLine

  • Ashley Lynn Wyatt was born

  • I became a sister!!

    My sister Heather was born.
  • Now I have a baby brother!!

    My brother Jeff was born.
  • The move to Mississippi

    My parents got divorced and my sister, brother, and I moved to Mississippi with my dad.
  • I got my driver's license!!

    I was 15 when I got my driver's license. Definitely a big day in a girl's life.
  • Graduated Gautier High School

    One of the most important days in my life. Graduating high school was definitely one of my biggest accomplishments.
  • Now I am Mrs. Joshua Ryan Zaworski

    I got married to my high school sweetheart!!
  • Taylor Brooke was born!! Now I am an aunt!!

    My sister had her first child. Definitely a big day in my life.
  • Aubreigh Paige is born. Now I have two nieces!!

    My sister had her second child!!
  • So marraige didn't really work out....

    I got divorced! One of the darkest days in my life.
  • My Life is Back on Track!! Time to go back to college!! University of South Alabama, Here I Am!!

    I'm getting my life back on track and going back to school. I will graduate and be successful in everything that I do. I will never give up and I will never back down!!!