Aric's Hero Project

By AricI
  • Research Time

    Research Time
    Today I was in the library trying to think of who I should research as my hero.
  • Research Continues

    Research Continues
    I chose Milton S. Hershey as my hero.
  • Setting up Accounts

    Setting up Accounts
    Set up my Timetoast and Posterous accounts.
  • Finding Book

    Finding Book
    Went to my local library to check out a book on Mr. Hershey.
  • Finding Online Resources

    Finding Online Resources
    While researching Mr. Hershey, I found my two online resources.
  • Posterous Post

    Posterous Post
    My first blog post on Posterous was about, "How I chose my Hero."
  • Reading

    I got to page 50 of my book.
  • Posterous Post

    Posterous Post
    I shared my post today about "Heroes in Literature" to the class.
  • Interview

    I called my person that I am interviewng and set up a date for the interview.
  • Reading Continues

    Reading Continues
    I reached page 75 in my book and the story is getting more and more interesting.