AP Pyschology Personal Timeline

By djball
  • My First Photoshoot

    My First Photoshoot
    For all the pictures I've taken throughout my life, I can personally say these were some of the "cutest." Only being 3 months old I hadn't even known how to walk. These simple photos did however mark the beginning of self-portraits taken throughout the years.
  • Baptism

    At the age of 7, I was officially baptized at the church I grew up in. I remember my pastor calling me forward and reciting me as a brother in Christ.
  • Getting My First Puppy

    Getting My First Puppy
    Currently Freckles is 8 years old, and I still remember the day when we drove down to Chilicothe, Missouri to pick him up. Being 2nd to runt of the litter, he serves as a symbol which began my ability to sustain the life and care of another being.
  • Getting My First Car

    Getting My First Car
    Little did I know that my first car would be purchased during my Freshman Year of High School. Around two years later it was given to me by my parents, so I could drive to my heart's content. A now 16 year old sports car that still has some looks.
  • Christ-In-Youth Conference

    Christ-In-Youth Conference
    Over the Summer I attended a Summer Camp within a college at Tennessee. Although I had been invited many times before to travel out of state and enjoy a stay at a campsite, this was the first time I took advantage of the opportunity.
  • Graduating from MidAmerica Nazarene University

    Graduating from MidAmerica Nazarene University
    Graduating in the class of 2027 is in my future. I see myself obtaining a degree in accounting and a future in the world of business.
  • Marriage

    I plan to become married very early on in life. Being able to cherish and spend time with my significant other as we live together is something I value whole-heartedly.
  • Having My First Child

    Having My First Child
    Welcoming my first child into the world is something that I'm extremely looking forward to. The importance of becoming a father is close to me and I while it may require large amounts of time, I love a challenge.
  • Becoming a Senior Accounting Director

    Becoming a Senior Accounting Director
    Aspiring to become an accountant was my dream and I would hope to take on a major accounting role within a company. Moving forward with a higher workload may be difficult, but the extra income will work wonders.
  • Retirement at Age 65

    Retirement at Age 65
    I plan to enter retirement at 65 years old like most Americans do today. Currently with social security funds continuing to become less stable the age to cease working is being pushed back. Hopefully by the time I retire I will still have time enjoy the greatness of our world.
  • Question 1: What Does Your Timeline Tell You About Yourself?

    My timeline has allowed me to perceive how decent I have been able to have life when compared to different teenagers from other economic and social environments. I've also figured out that I have a tendency to want all the joyful areas of life, I chose to leave out my death and any hardships from my timeline.
  • Question 3: How Flexible or Fixed Does Your Future Seem to Be?

    My future is largely more flexible than I would hope, especially after learning more during Pyschology this year, as what I chose to do with my life in today's time will have a direct impact on my future. I personally don't have everything perfected and I'm definitely sure nothing is set in stone.
  • Question 2: How Different Would You Be If You Could Have Changed One or Two Events Along Your Line?

    If I were to change one or two events throughout my life, I would be either more or less fortunate and happy with my life. If I were to have kids later I would be able to enjoy more quality time with my spouse alone, however it's also probable that I would spend less time alive with my children and their children. Quite literally I would be playing the game of life.