AP Euro Fall Final

  • Nov 10, 1534

    Society of Jesus Founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola

  • Nov 10, 1534

    henry viii declared head of anglican church

  • Nov 10, 1543

    Copernicus publishes "On the revolution of Heavenly bodies"

  • Nov 10, 1543

    Vasalius publishes "on the fabric of the human body"

  • Period: Nov 10, 1545 to Nov 10, 1563

    Council of Trent

  • Nov 10, 1555

    Peace of Augsburg

  • Period: Nov 10, 1556 to

    Reign of Philip II in Spain

  • Period: Nov 10, 1556 to Nov 10, 1564

    Ferdinand I rules over the HRE

  • Period: Nov 10, 1558 to

    Elizabeth I rules england

  • Period: Nov 10, 1559 to Nov 10, 1562

    Crisis in France after Henry II dies

    Henry II killed but has two children - question of who should rule ; one of the problems leading up to the french wars of religion
  • Period: Nov 10, 1562 to

    French Wars of Religion

  • Period: Nov 10, 1566 to Nov 10, 1567

    Wonderyear in Spain -- everything blows up

  • Period: Nov 10, 1568 to

    Dutch Revolt against Spain

    this is after Philip II tries to take control during the 1560s
  • Nov 10, 1571

    Spain defeats the Ottoman Turks at Lempnto

  • Nov 10, 1572

    Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre

  • Nov 10, 1576

    Jean Bodin writes "The Six Books of the Repulic"

    how climate affects people --> government needs to adjust to temperate zone; most famous for claims on soverignty
  • Nov 10, 1576

    Spanish Fury

  • Period: Nov 10, 1576 to

    Rudolph II rules over spain

  • Nov 10, 1579

    Divide between rebels in spain

  • Nov 10, 1580

    Dutch start ruling themselves unofficially

    approximate date
  • Nov 10, 1581

    Acts of Abjurgation

    late 1580s-early 1590s after spanish armada defeated by english
  • Period: to

    Wars of the Henris

    approximate dates!
    Henry III, Henry of Guise, Henri of Navare
  • Spanish Armada defeated by British

  • Period: to

    Henri IV rules France

  • Period: to

    renewal of ottoman war for HRE

  • Edict of Nantes

    treaty to end french wars of religion; promotes religious toleration
  • Period: to

    Philip III rules spain

  • Dutch East india company starts

  • Period: to

    James I rules england (first stuart king)

  • Jamestown Colony established

  • Bank of Amsterdam and the Financial center of Europe

  • 12 years truce btwn spain and dutch

  • Galileo publishes "the starry messanger"

  • Period: to

    Louis XIII rules France

  • Period: to

    Matthais I rules over bohemia and holy roman empire

  • Period: to

    dutch surplant portuguese in middle east/asia

  • Quebec founded

  • catholic church condems copernicus and ideas assoc. with him including Galileo

  • matthais I cedes power of habsburg lands to Ferdinand II

  • bohemians rebel against procatholic policies

  • thirty years war begins

  • Period: to

    Thirty Years War

  • Period: to

    Ferdinand II rules over holy roman empire and bohemia

  • Bacon publishes new organun in response to aristotle

  • Period: to

    Second Religious War in France (Under Louis XIII)

  • Period: to

    Philip IV rules spain

  • Charles I begins ruling England

  • Period: to

    Charles I rules england

  • bacon publishes "new atlantis" in response to aristotle

  • Petition of Rights in England

  • Puritans found Massachusettes bay colony

  • Galileo publishes "Dialogue on the Two Great World Systems"

    compares ptolemeic to copernican
  • galileo forced to recant support of heliocentrism

  • Descartes publishes "Discourse on Method" about the scientific method

  • Period: to

    Catalonia rebellion in spain

  • Period: to

    Portugal rebelion against spain

  • Montreal founded

  • Period: to

    Civil War between King Charles I and Parliament in England

  • Period: to

    English Civil War

  • Period: to

    Farifax and Cromwell defeat royalists

  • Period: to

    Isaac Newton

  • Period: to

    Napels rebel against spain

  • Thirty Years War ends

  • Independence of Dutch formally recognized

  • Treaty of Westphalia

  • Period: to

    French Fronde

  • Execution of Charles I of England

  • Hobbes publishes "Leviathan"

    argues for unlimited authority in a ruler
  • England's Navigation Acts

  • Period: to

    Restoring the stuarts

  • Monarchy restored in England

  • Declaration of Breda

    amnesty for crazy stuff during english civil war era
  • Acto of Indemnity and oblivion (english)

  • act of uniformity (english)