AP Calculus 2012!!!

  • Simple Integration

    Simple Integration
    I am very comfortable with the very basic integration, Fundamental Theorums of Calculus, Mean Value Theorum, and average value. I need to re-memorize the integrals of the inverse trig stuff. Other than that, everything we did today was good for me.
  • Differential Equations

    Differential Equations
    I felt good with the slope field, eulers method, and separation of variables stuff. I need to review Logistics and definitely re-memorize that. I think Im good with growth & decay but that might need a bit of practice.
  • Sequences and Series

    Sequences and Series
    I feel comfortable with the tests for series and almost all of the material relating to sequences and series. I forgot about boundedness and monotonicity so i will have to revisit these ideas. The practice problems felt good and I felt very good with this topic.
  • Taylor and Power Series

    Taylor and Power Series
    Today we reviewed Taylor and Power series. I felt good on the most part; however, I need to review some of the power series. The interval and radius of convergence stuff was good, as did the lagrange error bound, which was wierd because I had trouble with that when we went over it originally.
  • Calculator Section of Free Response

    Calculator Section of Free Response
    This felt fantastic. I felt like I knew everything on the test and that there was nothing special I needed to go over.
  • Advanced Integration Techniques

    Advanced Integration Techniques
    Today we reviewed parts, partial fractions, trig substitution, L'Hopitals rule, and improper integrals. I needed a refresher on improper integrals, and trig sub sounded like it was going to be a little rough but ITS NOT ON THE TEST :) so everything was good today.
  • Non-Calculator Free Response Section

    Non-Calculator Free Response Section
    This went very well. I feel very comfortable going into the free response section of the AP test.
  • Non-Calculator Multiple Choice

    Non-Calculator Multiple Choice
    This felt reasonably good. There are still some formulas I need to memorize but on the most part, this section went well. I generally don't do as well with multiple choice quesions as how well I do on the free-response section.
  • Calculator Section of Multiple Choice

    Calculator Section of Multiple Choice
    This did not go so well. There were multiple questions which gave us trouble and several that we were still not sure about when we turned the test in. This was only approximately five questions so I should still be okay for the AP test.
  • Applications of Integration

    Applications of Integration
    I was very comfortable with this topic, however, I was happy that we went over this because sometimes I forget formulas and which ones to use in certain situations.
  • Review of Tests

    Review of Tests
    Today, we reviewed the test we took in class. In doing this, I was able to realize and correct several mistakes I made during this test. I was also able to determine specific topics I needed to review in preparation for the test, specifically several formulas I still need to memorize.
  • Chemistry AP

    Chemistry AP
    I had the chemistry AP today, so I wasn't in class.
  • Spanish AP

    Spanish AP
    I had the spanish AP today, so I wasn't in class,
  • BIG GAME!!!

    BIG GAME!!!
    ap testamundo. This went really well. The multiple choice felt good and the free response was really easy for me. I felt like I knew everything that was on the test and was surprised by the lack of inclusion of certain topics.