Ann's Timeline

By Qwe Rt
  • Ann's Birthday!

    Ann's Birthday!
    I was born on Feb. 12th, 1999 at 2 pm, in Korea. Oh yeah~
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    Ann's Timeline

  • First Gold Medal!

    First Gold Medal!
    I won my first gold medal in the National Korean Art Contest!
    ... All I drew were the three most beautiful angels up in the sky...
  • My first purple, broken fingertips...

    My first purple, broken fingertips...
    This incident occured when I was 4 years old.
    I happened to slip my fingertips into the gap of the door crevice when my brother closed the door. I wasn't quick enough to escape the accident and so my fingertips were broken, all purple and bleeding. I cannot forget the agony at that moment.
  • First school

    First school
    I went to my first school as a first grader! I remember the red butterfly nametag! I became acquainted with a lot of friends to talk and laugh with.
  • 9/10

    For the first time in my grade one life, I got 9/10 in my spelling test. And this is one true story.
    When I got the test back, I noticed a small dirty piece of rice on the word, LIT, making it look like LTT. So, I removed it off, and told the teacher about it. And.....she thought I was cheating by erasing it. I argued so madly, crying, but the teacher was adamant about the error..!! Now I wonder how she hadn't noticed the little bulky thingy when she was correcting my sheet.
  • First hit

    First hit
    I was hit in the hands with a broomstick about 4 times in Gr. 2.
    I won't reveal the reason of the punishment, but I will say that I was very ashamed of being hit in front of the class. It certainly hurt! The teacher was merciless!!
  • My favourite cousin's ...death...

    My favourite cousin's ...death...
    My favourite, perfect cousin... he committed suicide..
    I won't leak how he'd done it.........
    But.... he was funny, caring, handsome, tall, and a very professional guitarist!!!
  • Immigrate to Canada!

    Immigrate to Canada!
    On March 1st, Sunday, I took the most exciting flight to Canada! I had such a great time sleeping...... I must have been airsick because slept due to my dizziness!
  • Folklorama~

    I volunteered to participate in the Korean Pavilion Folklorama as a fan-dancer with Erica!
  • Grade 8 Bhugtana

    Grade 8 Bhugtana
    I became an eighth grader on September 7th, 2012! I met Mr. Bhugtana, and I was very thrilled to work hard!