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  • Effects

    I don’t have the memories per se, but I’d imagine a newborn being away from their parents is traumatic. On the other hand, her plan to deliver me outside of Jamaica gave me the resources I have been able to take advantage of to better my future.
  • My Birth Year- Infancy

    My Birth Year- Infancy
    Macro (Immigration System)
    My mother knew that delivering me outside of Jamaica would be the best decision to ensure me a decent future. Shortly after giving birth to me, the documents that allowed her to be in the country legally expired and she had to leave me behind. I was cut off from having that immediate connection with my mother that I needed as an infant. I was cut off from having that immediate connection with my mother that I needed as an infant.
  • 1996-2000 (1-5)- Early Childhood

    1996-2000 (1-5)- Early Childhood
    Exo (Loss of a Parent)
    I migrated to London to live with my father. He had seven children, with four different women, but he made sure that he spent his time equally with each of us. My father desperately wanted his children to have a relationship so in successfully doing so, I gained siblings. We all live in different countries now, but our bond has allowed us to maintain a close relationship regardless of that. I was seven years old when our father passed away.
  • Effects

    Following his death, I migrated to Jamaica to live with my mother. I mourned the loss of my father and my separation from my siblings who had easily become my best friends. I remember developing anxiety at a young age as I believed that everyone, I would grow close to would end up leaving.
  • Effects

    It felt amazing getting the recognition that I got on a daily. It also posed a challenge as I had to make certain I kept the bar high because I had to lead by example.
  • 2001-2006 (6-11)- School Age

    2001-2006 (6-11)- School Age
    Micro (Prep School)
    I excelled in school. I skipped the first grade because I was too advanced for that lesson plan. Each new certificate I received made me want to work even harder to ensure I would continue to be awarded. My community would encourage me and sing my praises as I represented them well. My mother would brag to them about me, and I have had several parents tell me their child looks up to me.
  • 2007-2009 (12-15)- Adolescence

    2007-2009 (12-15)- Adolescence
    Exo (Nationwide Exam)
    I sat the GSAT exam which is a nationwide test that is taken in the 6th grade. Prior to sitting the exam, each child has to select three high schools that they hoped they would get the appropriate scores to go to one of three. Each school required a different score, and everyone’s goal is to get into their “first choice”.
  • Effects

    I had an overall score of 98% and was given an award for being the only person in the nation with that grade; with that, I was able to get into my first-choice school, Holy Childhood High School. High school in Jamaica starts in the 7th grade. My school was an all-girls catholic school and when I started school is when I began exploring my sexuality.
  • Effects

    With none of that being covered and my mother being a single self-employed parent of three, she realized she was not able to provide the quality of life that we needed and made the decision to have me reside with my aunt in the US. Once again, I was being uprooted from everything I knew and being sent away. I understood why it was necessary, but I could not help but be saddened about migrating. Later that year I gained a best friend. The person got me through my hardest days.
  • 2010 (15)- Adolescence

    2010 (15)- Adolescence
    Macro (Education Department)
    Attending a “Prominent High School”, came with great expenses. On top of paying for the exam to get into high school, I had to pay to get about 6 uniform sets made by the dressmaker, and I need black shoes. I am given a “book list” filled with classroom items and most importantly, the books that I needed for the year; the prices of the supplies were extremely outrageous. Every day each of us needed money for transportation and to purchase food throughout the day.
  • Effects

    I fell in love with Criminal Justice and in the 11th grade, I decided that was the field that I wanted to pursue in college. My home life was not the best and I knew that I needed to attend a college that was far from home. I needed to be able to find myself without the input of everyone around me. The challenge that came with doing so is that I lost connection with people I considered important just to ensure that they could not be used to bring unsolicited advice to me.
  • 2013 (18)- Early Adulthood

    2013 (18)- Early Adulthood
    Micro (High School )
    The last three years of high school were not what I expected. I did not make connections in school as quickly as I thought I would. The culture shock intimidated me with being in the 9th grade in Jamaica one minute and then starting the 10th grade in the US 2 months later; it took me some time to get adjusted. It worked out in my favor, or so I told myself because I had no distractions when it came to my studies; I made the distinguished honor roll every semester.
  • Effects

    We drove for about 29 hours to get to Arizona. December started to approach, and we realized that we probably should have kept some of our winter belongings. It was not what I was expecting but I figured I would take the “Winter” here in Arizona over Winter in Pennsylvania any day.
  • 2017 (22)- Young Adulthood

    2017 (22)- Young Adulthood
    Macro (Geography)
    I absolutely hated the cold so living in a small town in Pennsylvania for college was hard for me. I longed for the heat and warm temperature that I had while living in Jamaica. The night of my college graduation is when my fiancé and I decided that we were moving to Arizona so that I could get back to the heat. We donated everything that we owned that was used in the Winter because we thought it would not drop below 70 degrees.
  • Effects

    I enjoyed my position; I gained the trust of each of these girls, and I made sure I came through for them every time. I was proud of myself for not allowing my denials to write my story. It was challenging because my heart was broken because I was not working my dream job, but the universe put the position in my place, and I have now found a new passion.
  • 2018 (23)- Young Adulthood

    2018 (23)- Young Adulthood
    Micro (Career Path)
    I wanted to become Juvenile Probation Officer so badly, it’s all that I envisioned myself to be. I applied for and got denied the position on three different occasions. I had no idea what direction I wanted to take my life in until I was offered a position at a group home as a Behavioral Technician and taking it was one of the best decisions that I made. Within three months I was promoted to House Manager where I oversaw one house with ten teenage girls with high needs.
  • 2023 (28)-Young Adulthood

    2023 (28)-Young Adulthood
    Micro (Present Life)
    I have recently accepted that I am getting older. I am married to my beautiful wife, and we have two handsome boys together. We built our home and are furthering our education to move forward in our careers. My life is going exactly how I need it to be, and my “village” is irreplaceable. I am truly blessed.
  • Effects

    I stumbled upon many obstacles, but with resilience, I was able to overcome them and came out triumphant. I am looking forward to completing my degree and seeing where the wind takes me. I have been stepping out of my comfort zone to add a bit of spice to my life and I am enjoying it.
  • Lesson

    While completing this assignment, it became evident why I react to certain things the way I do. Each life experience taught me a different lesson and shaped how I would handle a similar situation if it were to arise again. The assignment has taught me that I have to take the time to peel back the layers of my clients in order to make the most accurate assessment and provide the resources that will best suit their needs.