Andy An's timeline

By Andy An
  • My birthday

    In this day, I came to the world.
  • My sister in law born

    In this day,Mycousin sister Shihui born
  • My brother in law born

    My cousin Kevin born
  • My first school day

    My first day to go to school
  • My first high school day

    My first day to go to the high school
  • Beijing Olympic Games

    The first tine Beijing hold the Olympic Games
  • The Middle School Final Test

    I graduate in Middle School
  • I came to Canada

    My first tine to go abroad
  • My secondary high school first day in Canada

    I was a Sir John A. Macdonald student
  • I returned to China

    I finish my first year in Canada
  • I am a Richmond Green Secodary School Student

    I transfer my secondary high school
  • Today I did the timeline

    My first time use timeline