Andrew Bail: personal timeline

  • My Birth

    I was born on February 25, 1998
  • Period: to

    MY Childhood

  • My first picture

    I drew my first picture at age six in 2004. It was dinosaur.
  • WHen I kicked my first ball

    THis is when I first started soccer on a St. Clair Shores league.
  • My adevnture in michigan

    This is when I went to MIchigan adeventure. It was really fun!
  • When I went to Reach Charter Academy

    Wen I was 10 years old I attended Reach Charter Academy
  • I got a drawing table

    For christmas, I finally got a drawing table to use! Ilove it!
  • Period: to

    teenage years

  • When I Painted my First Painting

    I painted me first painting when I was 12 years old. I t was a painting of a tern flying over the ocean.
  • When I got my camera

    I got my camera at bestbuy and it is the brand fujifilm. This is a picture that I have taken recently.
  • When I visited my family

    THis is when I visited my grandparents and cousins in Minnasota. This is my cousins dog.
  • When I became a high schooler

    THis is when I officially became a high schooler at Fraser HIgh School