Andres de Souza

  • This is the day I was born.

    This is the day I was born.
    My name is Andres de souza and I was born on Guatemala city in the Hospital Centro Medico.
  • First days in my life.

    First days in my life.
    I have a sister called Sofia and I loved playing with her.
  • My life having only 3 years .

    My life having only  3 years .
    I was a really nice boy with nice fellings and very entusiastic.
  • First day of school.

    First day of school.
    My first school was the Austriaco and I was really happy.
  • New school.

    New school.
    Austriaco was very difficlut for me beacuse of the german language so I started on a new school called Goodman.
  • My first trip.

    My first trip.
    I remember my first trip because I went to my favorite city in the wolrd, this city is San Francisco where I had the best moments in my life. I went with my father and mother only.
  • Another new school.

    Another new school.
    Goodman school was going to move to carretera El Salvador therefore it was going to be very far from my home so my parents started searching for a new school for me, and they decided to put me on kyool school.
  • Downhill skateboarding

    Downhill skateboarding
    In 2009 I started doing a sport called downhill skateboarding and in this sport I have had the best moments in my life. It is a sport very difficult because is really dangerous.
  • Best day of my life.

    Best day of my life.
    The best day of my life was when I won the championship of downhill skateboarding in Guatemala on a highway on Chimaltenango where we went over 93 km/h. It was a complete rush on adrenaline mixed with emotions.
  • My graduation

    My graduation
    This year is the year that I expect to graduate and I am really happy because it is the start for all my drams to come true.