Ancient Rome

  • 146

    Carthage is destroyed

    Carthage is destroyed
    146B.C.-After a long series of bloody wars, the Romans had completely destroyed Carthage and it's empire.
  • 264


    264B.C.-The Romans had gained control of the entire Italian penninsula (The area that makes up present-day Italy) and had firmly established a new form of government- a republic.
  • 265

    Roman conquest around the Mediterranean sea

    Roman conquest around the Mediterranean sea
    265-146 B.C.
  • 312


  • 330


    330A.D.- Becomes capital of the Roman Emire
  • 410


    410A.D.- They loot Rome
  • 455


    455A.D.-They loot Rome
  • 476

    Last Emperor

    476A.D.- The last Roman emperor was 14-year-old Romulus Augustulus. his name recalled more than 1,000 years of Roman glory. The boy emperor did not win glory for himself. A german general took power and sent the emperor to work on a farm. After Romulus Augustulus, no emperor ruled over Rome and the western part of the empire. It's capital Constantinople , remained the center of another empire, the Byzantine empire, for a thousand years.
  • Jan 5, 600

    The Etruscans

    The Etruscans
    600B.C.- The Etruscans came and took power from Rome. They spoke unlike any other in Italy. Nobody knows where they came from. For a time they ruled as kings of Rome but the Romans didn't like that and having no say in how they were governed.
  • The five "Good Emerors"

    The five "Good Emerors"
    14A.D.-Augustus died in A.D. 14. For eighty-two years after his death, Roman history was a story of good,bad and terrible emperors. Two of the worst were Caligula was proclaimed himself a god and was cruel and unfiar ruler. Nero murdered his half brother, his mother and his wife. Perhaps the greatest of the five "good emperors" was Hardrian. the last of the Good emerors was Marcus aurelius choose his son (Commodus) to follow him.
  • Octavian becomes the first Roman Emperor

    Octavian becomes the first Roman Emperor
    27B.C.-When the war ended after thirteen years, Caesar's adopted son ,Octavian, held power. In 27 B.C., the senate awarded Octavian the title of Augustus, which means "highly respected". He was th efirst emperor of Rome. The end of the Roman Republic. It lasted nearly 500 years.
  • Herod

    37B.C.- The Roman senate appointed a new ruler of Judaea named Herod. It was during Herod's reign that Jesus was born in the Judaean town of Bethlehem.
  • Caesar rules Rome and is assassinated (Julius Caesar)

    Caesar rules Rome and is assassinated  (Julius Caesar)
    44B.C.-Caesar was a smart leader, eager for power. From 58 to 51 B.C. He led the army that conquered Gual. War broke out between Caesar and the senate. Caesar won the Roman world in 48B.C. His wife sensed danger and urged him not to go, but Caesar insisted. At the meeting, a group of senators gathered around Caesar. Suddenly, they pulled out knives and stabbed him. He fell to the ground, dead. Caesar had been a strong leader. Many Romans felt that he had gone to far/fast in gathering power.
  • poor life

    64B.C.-Because most of the houses they lived in were made out ofwood,fires were frequent and ften fatal. The worst, in A.D. 64 destroyed most of the city.
  • A life of luxury

    A life of luxury
    Wealthy Romans were famous for overdoing things. A Roman historian describes the eating habits of Aulus Vitellius, emperor for only six months in 69A.D.
  • Messiah

    63A.D.- at first, they respected the Jews right to worship their God. But many Jews resented foreign rule. Some believed that a messiah, would come to bring justice and freedomv to the land.
  • Breakdown of the Roman Republic

    Breakdown of the Roman Republic
    120-44B.C.- Rome was in trouble. Some leaders tried to breakup estates and give land to the Plebian leaers were murderd.
  • First Settlement

    First Settlement
    B.C. Before Christ
  • R+T=BYE Etruscans

    R+T=BYE Etruscans
    509B.C.-people think the Romans revolted against the harsh region of Tarqiunius Superbus and drove the Etruscans from power. When the Etruscans left the Romans did adopte the etruscans ideas. Also borrowed the greek alphabet. The Roman garment called the togacame from the Etruscans as well.
  • Commodus

    180-192A.D.- He rules
  • Marcus

    180A.D.-Marcus Aurelius dies
  • Diocletian