Alph Richardson's

  • Immigrated to America

    Immigrated to America
    My name is Alph Richardson and I'm from Norwayand I was going broke and there were no good jobs in Norway that I could keep so I decided to immigrate while I still had some money and get a better paying job
  • Period: to

    Alph's timeline timespan

  • Room burned and lost all of money

    Room burned and lost all of money
    Almost all of the money I owned I kept in my room; I could only save the money I had on me
  • Moved west

    Moved west
    After almost a year of being jobless I decided I would get some land for farming or get into mining because jobs weren't working out for me
  • Bought Farm

    Bought Farm
    I needeed to get money fast so I bought the cheapest farm i could find and transformed it into the best farm I could ever make.
  • Major drought

    Major drought
    After nearly 10 years of having a succesfull farm a drought happened which ruined all of my crops and made my farm the old junk it used to be.
  • Got a mining job

    Got a mining job
    My farm was ruined so I had no other choice but to get into minning which I did not want to do
  • Found gold

    Found gold
    Finally after finding other minerals over the ten years I found gold and kept it; I became very rich and bought my own house
  • Got married

    Got married
    I met my wife at my new job (i quit mining and got a low pay job) and she moved into my house with me
  • Heart attack

    Heart attack
    I had a heart attack and died because I was very unhealthy and old