all my life :)

  • my first month :)

    my first month :)
    that day my mom was the happiest in the world. everyone was happy with my birth and I was the center of attraction.
  • my first vacation !!

    my first vacation !!
    that day was the best of days, was in Santa Marta on vacation with my parents, was the happiest girl in the world, that day I could swim, and eat whatever I wanted, that day was the best day of my life.
  • Sweet Christmas !!

    Sweet Christmas !!
    Christmas is one of the most beautiful times to me, that day I was in my godmother's house with my parents, and I remember that, I received many gifts of baby Jesus. was a spectacular day.
    sweet christmas!!
  • primary school

    primary school
    my primary school was fun in it I learned many things, I had my first friends and my first teachers. taught me the values for to be a good person.
    also my parents gave me values for to be everything I am today.
  • my first graduation !!

    my first graduation !!
    This day was very special to me, because was my first graduation, I was very happy with my parents who always supported me and taught me to be a good student.
  • my birthday party

    my birthday party
    my birthday was the best of all, my friends gave me many gifts I remember the best of them was a very pretty doll. all my friends ate, candy, soda, dessert, etc. was a very fun day for me and my friends.
  • in the park !!

    in the park !!
    when I was a child, I loved going to the park with my parents and my brother, and this day was very happy because biking around the park with my brother. :) !
  • halloween O-o

    halloween   O-o
    This day was fun,i went to the park with my brother and my mom, ate lots of candy. I dressed up as a nurse. I looked very pretty.
  • my holy communion !!

    my holy communion !!
    This day was very important in my life because I received the Holy Communion, something that was going to do special ahead of the others, because I was going to receive the body of god.
  • perfect siblings ::::::::

    perfect siblings ::::::::
    This day was fun because I was with my brothers who I love with all my heart. was the birthday of my younger brothers who are one beautiful twins.
  • my high school graduation :)

    my high school graduation :)
    This was a day that marked my life completely, was my graduation from high school, I felt very happy, I felt someone very important that day, I felt that I had already been part of my dreams.
  • a day very funny ;)

    a day very funny ;)
    This day was very happy, this day was a family day, I was in the delivery of gifts from my dad's work. was a day where I was very happy and where I shared with my brothers and parents.