All About Me

Timeline created by HenryCao
  • Born

    I was born half an hour after my older twin brother on March 29th, 2003. I weighed about four pounds. I died for 10 secs because I could not breathe but luckily I was pumped with oxygen to live again.
  • Korean pre-school

    Korean pre-school
    Our mom decided to send us to a weird preschool. We ate kimchi with rice every day. We also took naps in either hammocks or on the floor deciding how good we were. Out of 38 kids only four were picked to attend a higher lv class while the others were sleeping. It included me and Andy with another guy and girl.
  • Panic in Mandalay Bay!!!

    Panic in Mandalay Bay!!!
    When we were about six we took our first trip to Sin City. I think we were staying at Circus Circus. Well we decided to go to Mandaly Bay to see their tunnel glass aquarium. On the way we lost Andy. We couldn’t find him anywhere. Our grandma,grandpa,and uncle was with us too. We all ran around calling his name. Eventually our mom found him getting asked something by strangers.
  • First Pet

    First Pet
    The first pet we got was a rabbit named, Pumpkin. We got him because of my fascination of my teacher’s pet rabbit, Oreo. We took him to school to meet Oreo. He was very smart. But one day he ran away and we never saw him again.
  • My Stupidity Of The ‘Meaning “Friends”

    My Stupidity Of The ‘Meaning “Friends”
    There were four of us. Matthew,Wesley,and Carlos. We started out as a small group and we were close. But one year later and our group turned into a crowd. I grew distant from Matthew and never reliazed he and the oncoming friends were using e for food,money,and other stuff. I didn’t reliaze I was friends with jerks. The only real friend I had remaining was Wesley and he was always kind and never used me.
  • The Wicked She-Devil

    The Wicked She-Devil
    In 4th grade we got a mean new principal. I hated her stinking guts and she hated me till the end of elementary. I got in trouble with her for stupid things like picking up my pencil on the ground. One time me,Andy,and this other kid decided to help ourselves to some coupons that were rewards for good deeds in school. We got in big trouble but I didn’t care. Then she decided to brag to our teacher to tell the whole class. What a fracking showoff.
  • Vietnam

    We were set for our summer vacation. It took about 1 day from LAX to Ho Chi Minh City airport. The second we stepped off the plane I could sense the tropical smell and air. As we went outside the airport was crowded. We barely hailed for a taxi and got taken to our motel. It happens my mom’s dad owned the place. It was very small though and there was barely one bed in the room, queen sized, for all three of us. It was so hot.
  • The beginning of anxiety

    The beginning of anxiety
    I was in sixth grade. This time the teachers were on a different level. They gave twice the amount of homework to the class then a middle schooler gets from all their classes. It was a difficult time as I struggled to keep up with the teacher but my work paid off when I got switched to advanced English from intermediate.
  • The Aloha State

    The Aloha State
    We got a guide to swim with us and the turtles in their natural habitat.There were many rules about when swimming with turtles. Unfortunately we saw a group of people break that rule and got bit by the turtle. He also showed us the place of where one of the scenes of; “Jurassic Park” was recorded and the first DOLE factory but still works.
  • Simba the Lion

    Simba the Lion
    We got Simba from the OC shelter when was about 6 month old. I was obsessed about him and even waited overnight to get him. He was so cute when we first saw him. When we took him we potty trained him easily typing him to a tree after he eats and he learned to poo there. He may look cute at first but he’s a feisty one.
  • Beginning of McGarvin Intermediate

    Beginning of McGarvin Intermediate
    I was shy because everyone seem to know each other. On my first period I already made a impression to the teacher by going ahead and ending in the right answer. I made a enemy of my third period PE teacher. It was also the first day I would join the school’s which was considered as the best intermediate school band in the district.
  • Start of Independent Study aka Homeschool

    Start of Independent Study aka Homeschool
    I was in the 8th grade. Me and Andy were having difficulties when we came back to middle school. Our schedules were hectic and we didn’t see the point in attending school. So after several IEP’s we settled on homeschooling. Our teacher was the one and only Daniel Kondrath.
  • Autism Diagnosis

    Autism Diagnosis
    Andy was in the hospital for domestic violence. He stayed in the mental institution for three Amy’s. After that we were recommended to test for autism which included me. We were on the high spectrum meaning we were intellectually abled but not very social. We had to attend lots of IOPs and individual therapy that took whatever time we had remaining left from all our other appointments.
  • Hachi The Polar Bear

    Hachi The Polar Bear
    My mom was fascinated with Japan and the dog, Hachiko. So we looked for Japanese Akitas in our area. We found a shelter in Los Angeles and he was the only Japanese Akita in the state. He was actually partnered with a husky,Sheena, but we gave her to our mom’s cousin because she recently lost a husky herself. It was good for everyone and now we have this cute little polar bear(Hachi).