By ali401b
  • When I was born...

    When I was born...
    When I was born, I weighed 4lbs, and 3 ounces. I have a twin brother named Adam, and he was born about 2 minutes before I was, but it doesn't make much of a difference.
  • Me and mt brother Adam

    Me and mt brother Adam
    My brother, Adam, and I always fought but we were well behaved around our parents' friends. We would play games together, and other people would love to hold us, but mostly me. My best feature when I was a baby was my CHUBBY CHEEKS! Most people would run to me as soon as they saw me, and they would pinch my cheeks. I loved it when they told my om that I was so cute and I am very behaved.
  • Our favourite Christmas memory

    Our favourite Christmas memory
    My brother Adam and I loved Christams! We would always get amazing gifts andpresents from our friends and family. Sometimes we would hide small toys in the tree and we would have to find it. My mom told me that I have never really beleived in Santa, but I'm not so sure about my brother.