All About Me

  • Met Cinderella at Disney Land.

    Met Cinderella at Disney Land.
    When I was younger I loved all of the princesses from Disney, especially Cinderella. Cinderella was my favorite princess and I wore my Cinderella dress-up clothes everywhere I went. When I was 4 years old my family took me out to Disney Land and I finally got to mete Cinderella which was a dream come true.
  • Soccer was my passion.

    Soccer was my passion.
    When I was 4-5years old my parents got me into playing soccer. I immediatly loved soccer even though I had no idea how to play since I was so young. I continued playing as I got older and that was all I did 24/7. After around 9 years of playing soccer I quit because it was to time consuming, and instead started cheerleading
  • Gymnastics at age 6.

    Gymnastics at age 6.
    While I was still playing soccer I decided to also get into gymnastics at a local gym called Ariels. I was only a gymnast for 2 and a half years but Ilearned how to tumble, walk on the beam and do bars scince I was only 6 years old. I loved participated in gymnastics but stopped because I loved soccer a million times more.
  • My birthday started on school.

    My birthday started on school.
    When I was going into 4th grade school started on my birthday, August 15th. I was extremely excited because that was the first time school has started on my birthday, but I woke up on the day of my birthday and school and my lip was swolen and I had to get a root cannel on my birthday. So I had to wait another four years and my birthday started on school this year.
  • Hamsters...

    When I was 10 years old my moms friends found a hamster on the street and asked us if we wanted to keep it. We of course wanted another pet so we went and picked it up and brought it back home. After a few days we went on vacation and when we came home I went downstairs and checked on my hamster and she gave birth while we were gone. So now we had to take care of 6 hamsters when we only wanted one.
  • My family owned a pizza store.

    My family owned a pizza store.
    My whole life growing up my dad has owned a pizza company called American Pie Pizza. I loved owning my own pizza store because I could go in and get free pizza any time I wanted. After owning the pizza company for 28 years we decided to close it down because it was way too much work with my dad also being a firefighter.
  • Went to Michigan over the summer.

    Went to Michigan over the summer.
    This summer I went to Michigan like we always do every summer to see my dad's side of the family. We always go to a small lake up in Northern Michigan called Wolf Lake. Our whole family stays in cabins right next to the lake and we just hang out their and go tubing and water skiing. We also drove out to Lake Michigan and hung out their for a day.
  • Made the state cheerleading team.

    Made the state cheerleading team.
    This year i tryed out for the State Cheerleading team at Air Academy as a freshmen hopeing to make it. I worked hard for 1 year tumbling and cheering and getting to know everything I need to make the team. When it came to tryouts I was so nervous whenI found out there were 100 girls trying out for 20 spots. When tryouts were over and i was sitting their waiting they called my number and told me that I made the team. I was so excited that i made the team my first year.