All about carter Milburn

  • When I was born

  • Got my first pets two dogs.

    On my fifth birth day i got two dogs named chase and rubble.
  • Getting glasses

    I got glasses because I started going cross eyed. I was 7 when i got glasses.
  • My first surgery a root canal.

    I got a root canal because me and my brother were playing on our trampoline and he chipped my tooth.
  • My favorite game (not a console game) ping pong.

    Me and my grandpa play ping pong and I watch videos about ping pong.
  • My 10th birthday. Started collecting Pokémon cards.

    One of my presents was Pokémon cards and i started collecting Pokémon card.Now I have a 250 dollar collection.
  • Math tournament

    Me, Dash, and David went to a math tournament and I got 5th place.
  • First amusement park cedar point.

    It was my brothers birthday and I got to ride my first roller coaster.
  • My newest pet a cat named Luna.

    We were going to get snails for our fish tank but all the snails were dead so we got a cat.