All About My Life

Timeline created by Anaya98
  • Born

    i was born in Chinle, AZ
  • 1st Birthday

    1st Birthday
    I had my very first birthday!
  • Kindergarten

    I tarted kindergartenwhen i was four years old
  • Moved

    When i started third grade i moved back with my mom
  • Vacation

    SeaworldMy mom and I went to San Deigo for the first time and went to see world for the first time.
  • Sad year

    Sad year
    When i wa in 5th grade my dad pasted away.
  • Disneyland

    DisneylandFor spring break my mom, my cosuin, and I went to Disneyland
  • High School

    High School
    My schoolI started High School
  • Boyfriend

    Cute thingI started going out with my boyfriend connor
  • First Concert

    First Concert
    I went to my first concert with my bestfriend
  • Summer Vacation

    Summer Vacation
    I went to Mt. Vernon for summer vacations
  • Bunny

    I got my baby bunny named Thumper she is a loin-head bunny.
  • 16th Birthday

    16th Birthday
    My mom took me to San Deigo for my birthday
  • Nails

    NailsI love getting my nails done with my mom and even my friend.
  • Football Games

    Football Games
    Every year my mom and I go to the Cardinals football games