All About Abeera's Life

By abe933
  • This is the day I was born.

    this was the day I was born on around 3:45 pm unknown day...
  • I said my first word

    this was the day I said my very first word "mama". The thing that was that it was my mom's birthday that day!
  • I attended my first kindergarten class

    this was in Pakistan. I am not really sure what the day was but I believe that it was on this day
  • I did kindergarten again (SK) at Roberta Bondar Public School

    this was my first school that I went to in canada.I had many friends there but eventually I had to leave them behind
  • I attended my aunt's wedding

    this was my first wedding that I remember that I went to. I did go to other weddings as my mom has told me, but I just dont remember them...
  • I permanently moved to Cananda and have settled

    we first moved to Canada. I was amazed by the beauty of this country when I first came.
  • I had a big birthday party

    this was my first birthday party I had in canada
  • I moved to Mississauga

    orignally, we were suppose to move to our home (now) on febuary 14th but things didn't go as we had planned
  • I went back to Pakistan to visit my relatives

    the first time we had gone back to pakistan from Canada
  • My uncle's wedding that I went to

    He is my only uncle from my mom's side.
  • I came back to canada

    I think I was in grade 2 when I came back
  • started grade 4

    this was the most favourite school year I ever had. I loved my grade 4 teacher, Ms. Benko. She is super sweet and nice and we alwasy had goos times with her.
  • went to my aunt's wedding

    my youngest aunt's wedding!
  • couldnt come back to canada due to passport problems

    we were supposed to come back this day, but we couldn't go back because we accidentley took our citezenships but we didnt have a canadian passport to come back. So we came back later than we were expected to...and everyone thought I died.
  • started grade 5 late because of passport problems

  • grade 5 trip to Ontario Place

    this was the best grade 5 field trip I had.
  • started grade 6

    It was a nervous yet exciting expierence to be finally in middle school
  • E.Q.A.O.

    our class called this: Evil Questiopns Attacking Ontario
  • wonderland trip with school

  • Period: to

    brother-in-law visited Canada

    we visited so many places like the CN tower, African Lion Safari, Toronto Zoo and many more
  • started grade 7

    another year of learning, making new friends, and taking chances
  • Period: to

    winter breaks

    we went out a lot and on the day of Christmas, we went to aa resturant because my brother got a job
  • NOW!

    Me Me Me project due!