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By ghe5
  • When I Was Born

    I was born in Fairfax Hospital,I've been told that I was born sunny side up.
  • Period: to

    My life in time

  • Got my first bike

    Got my first bike
    Everyone knows my bike had training wheels and I feel of a few times:( Acually my first bike was my sisters anf it was pink! Also it was of course a girl bike.
  • Disney World

    Disney World
    Awesome time of my life. Imet so many cool characters when I was young. But it was kind of freaking because they looked like giants.
  • Went to Pre-K

    Went to Pre-K
    This was my first time at Pre-K but the floors and carpet were disgusting. YUCK! But on the other hand I met new friends and people!
  • First Halloween

    First Halloween
    It was halloween and I was kind of scared because it was pretty much my first time in Bidgemill (my neighboorhood in Georgia.) But every body thought I was soo cute and they gave me a ton of candy!!!!
  • Rode my bike

    Yes I finally got to learn how to ride my bike. When my dad guided me down the road and let me go, I felt free like a bird. But it was also scary at the same time. I always said "I can do anything!"
  • Moved to North Carolina

    It was a good decision by my parents to move to North Carolina. I moved to a nieghborhood called Magnolia Estates. I went to a new school, met new freinds, and a awesome house.
  • Got My Dog

    Got My Dog
    My Grandparent came down to my house and broght a dog. They said my family could have it! I can swear that he is my baby! His name is Jeremy and he is a mix of a poopdle and shitzoo. I love Jeremy!!
  • Traveled to Europe.

    Traveled to Europe.
    It was the first time I stayed with my Grandma for 2 months..... it was OK! I went to Slovakia. I met some of my old family and freinds!!
  • Cousin got Adopted

    Cousin got Adopted
    He is so adorable. James is the cutiest thing ever, but hes only 2 years old.
  • Went to France.

    Went to France.
    Only boring because I couldnt understand people. The good part was the views,and food.
  • 5th Grade

    Its finally the last year of elemenary school. 5th grade classes are the head of the school! I am lucky I have a really good teacher, Mrs.Barskdale.