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Alice's Journey of Life

  • Birth date

    Birth date
    My mother gave birth to me at 12:38AM My father told me that mommy nearly died because my head was huge and it was hard to give birth. When doctor asked him, if there were an accident, should they rescue the mother or the baby first. My daddy and grandfather from my mother's side both agreed to protect both.
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    Fairy God Grandparents

    My grandparents from my mother's side were always so kind and understanding. I lived with them since the first day I came out of hospital after my mother gave birth to me, until I turned 3 years old. I love my grandparents a lot because they treated me very well when my parents were busy with advanced-education and work schedules. My aunt would come home from work and tease me:
    Aunt: "This is my mommy" *Points to grandma*
    Me: "NO THIS IS MY MOMMY... NO NO NO NOOOOO" *Tear up*
  • Leaving my Fairy God Grandparents

    Leaving my Fairy God Grandparents
    I had to move to live with my parents because I had to go to pre-school. My mother told me I cried for nearly 4 hours when she was bring me to my parents' house. I get attached to people over time, and it's hard for me to let go of these feelings in a short amount of time.
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    Private Pre-school

    My parents sent me to a private pre-school because they were so busy. I cannot remember much from those days. One of my favourite memories from those days was when Daddy walks me to school. He would always kiss me with his hard mustach. And I would always yell "AHHHHHH". He would laugh at me and hug me goodbye.
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    When I was old enough, my parents sent me to a real kindergarten with other kids. My Kindergarten experience were so interesting. We had nap time, an hour long lunches, and played games all day long! I remember my first kiss was lost to a boy during nap time. I didn't realize that it was a kiss until I saw people kissing on TV years after. At that time, I did know that it was something little kids wont do on a normal basis.
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    My Evil Grandparents

    My grandparents from my father's side never valued me because I'm a girl and is considered 'worthless'. Their prejudice often led to my trouble with my parents. We did not have a good time together when I had lunch at their house during elementary school. They would always blame me for my younger cousin's injuries. Often times, my grandparents would tell my father, who is very family-oriented and loving, that I abuse my younger cousin. And they'd always get what they want...
  • First Day of Elementary School

    First Day of Elementary School
    I attended YanAn Public School in Qingdao until I migrated to Canada. That day, I felt unfamiliar with what was going on around me. Everyone was so intelligent. Most of the students took private lessons, and was taught with basic math and Chinese characters. I felt below average.
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    Elementary school in China

    I attended my first 3 years of elementary school in China. I had the same teacher for all 3 years. She was like the typical Chinese teachers - enthusiastic towards parenets, and devil-like towards her students. From her, I was introduced to double personality in deep details.
  • Swimming Competition

    Swimming Competition
    My parents provided me with tons of private lessons when I was young. Swimming, music, yoga class, kids' essay tutoring... you name it! This was my most impressive achievement. I was up against 8 other grade 4-6 girls while I was in grade 2. I finished second with a score of 1:48 minute for 200m of back-crawl. I felt proud because I was so much shorter. And the length of your body has a huge impact on the distance travelled as for back-crawl.
  • Immigration to Canada

    Immigration to Canada
    My parents and I migrated to Canada from Qingdao, China.
  • From Grade 3 to Grade 5

    From Grade 3 to Grade 5
    Due to the difference in the education system between Canada and China, I did not have the opportunity go attend Grade 4. Through this experience, I felt less confident because I knew very little English and had to adapt to a brand new educational system.
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    Maclin Public School

    I went to this school for 3 months because my father did not like the kids' characteristics, mainly due to their dishonesty and untrustworthiness. My father cares about my education quite a lot. He expects me to be surrounded by 'good' students and work hard.
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    Brian Public School

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    Arbor Glen Public School

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    Highland Junior High School

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    Central Park Public School

  • Moved to Markham

    Moved to Markham
    I moved from North York Toronto to Markham.
    It was not a far migration, but I was able to meet a whole new group of people with different moralities and perspectives. I watched girls talking behind each others' backs with different stories. I understood how boys would treat girls different according to their apperance and intelligence levels. I felt that this is the first time I came in contact with the teen life
  • Forever Kimmy Lee

    Forever Kimmy Lee
    She hates pictures. This is what the only picture I have of her... I've being close her since I moved to Markham. She's super religious, kind, endearing, rational and so much more. She changes my life because she represent the reasons and generousity. She always see the good sides of people. Kimmy is the type of girl that would always make me feel carefree whenever she's closeby
  • Meeting Jigglypuff

    Meeting Jigglypuff
    She was one of the first people I met after I moved to Markham. We shared a lot of memories together. She was the type of person that'd bring me to a brand new world. She was a good example of a good balance of academic and social life. She was innocent, cheerful, smart and rational.
  • First day of High school

    First day of High school
    Everything was messy yet nice
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    Markville Secondary School

  • Meeting Adrian Zee

    Meeting Adrian Zee
    Meeting this boy turned my life upside down. Most people think we are dating, we dated or we have crushes on each other. The answer is none. I learned how to deal with negative opinions from the closest people around me. This guy made me suffer from great emotional and mental concerns. However, I view him as a best friend because no one else would share such blurnt words in such over-exaggerated manner. He's one of my "firsts", and I do not regret knowing him. With him, my life is complete
  • Meeting love

    Meeting love
    This is the type of young love that many teenage girls would dream to have. It was a friendship caught on fire. He taught me loyalty, imperfection, comfort, and much more. I am thankful for this experience as it brought me to a new stage in life: Acceptance!
  • Joining Markham Getting Together (MGT)

    Joining Markham Getting Together (MGT)
    Markham Getting Together is a student aid charity organization that fund raises in helping world and local poverty issues. Currently, we have a charity dance on May8th that is lending a helping hand towards the African fresh water crisis. In addition, we hold an annual community talent show that raises fund towards local homelessness. Being a passionate member of MGT, I was able to adapt to how the society works while helping the ones in need. It is a fantastic section of my teen years.
  • Bullying

    I'll never forget this date. It was a great change.
    I learned what people expect from me and dislike about me. I began to study super hard in school to distract myself from their actions and words. Thanks to their immaturity, I am able to realize the difference between those girls and I. I understood that my academic achievement is what they wish for yet cannot have.
  • Biffle Waffle - Jed Chionglo

    Biffle Waffle - Jed Chionglo
    I met this boy approximately 8 months before we became best friends. He is also a friend of Adrian Zee. But these two boys share complete opposite personalities. I love this best friend because he's an understanding, intelligent and obedient kid. He is the type of friend that I would tell almost everything to.
  • How I lost my Jigglypuff

    How I lost my Jigglypuff
    When I listened to her rants about others, I secretly wondered if that'll be our future too. My 6th feeling was correct - we drifted apart after high school began. I began to believe in those rumours, since there was too many people telling me the same four stories. I felt like there's no return once someone would turn against you secretly, so I did not bother to talk it out with her. This is how I lost her: Jigglypuff
  • Story of Annie Ng

    Story of Annie Ng
    I met this girl 2 years before we really got to know each other. When I first met her, I heard many different thoughts from a variety of people. But she's not like what they described her to be. From her, I see the younger me from a few years ago. She is the type of person that I can say the first thing that comes into my head. I love being with her because she's thoughtful and inspiring.
  • Inspirational "Idol" #1

    Inspirational "Idol" #1
    Her name is Anita. We worked on our grade 10 science fair project together. Her attitude triggers me to doubt my life-long goals. Undoubtedly, everyone'd agree that she is very intelligent; she balances her life into school, social events, part-time work and athletic events equally. She make me feel that my focus in life is too dull and unimaginative. Working with her made me realize that life should be a balance. Nothing should be set aside until any age line. Oh yeah, she likes Pikachu
  • Spanish class

    Spanish class
    It was my Spanish exam. Achieving a final mark of 96% brought me confidence and self-esteem. Although my Spanish teacher told me I was only 0.5% away from the highest mark, I still felt satisfied about my mark. This is because knowing that I really did try is enough. To me, aiming for a goal too high will not bring me happiness, thus it is a waste of time.
  • Physics class

    Physics class
    Fast tracking grade 11 physics taught me a lot. Other than the knowledge itself, I took a step closer to independence. I discovered that friends will drifiting away from you when there are less in common. Also, people tend to look down at you for your special characteristics, such as age. But changes only provoke me to study harder. I realized that I tend to be more hardworking when there are pressure and discrimination. I enjoy the feeling when I overcome others' false prejudice.
  • Inspirational Idol #2

    Inspirational Idol #2
    Her name is Jessica. She's in grade 11 and we have the same lunch period this semester. She is a super hard working, smart and optimistic girl. Opposing to Anita, Jessica focuses only on school. She is not the most athletic, doesn't have a job, and does not go out as much. However, she is able to obtain 99% in math annually. During the school year of 2009-2010, she received 5 top mark awards! She inspires me to work even harder when I feel like giving up. Oh, many boys think she's pretty too
  • Start studying for G1 Exam

    Start studying for G1 Exam
    My birthday will be in 2 months.
    I am the type of person to study my driver's licence exam during summer
  • G1 Licence Exam

    G1 Licence Exam
    I would like to get my G1 card as soon as I turn 16. This way, I would feel mature! I would like to take the exam during the October break with my best friend, Jed Chionglo, who is 7 days older than me.
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    Sharpening Cooking Skills

    A matter of fact, I want to be able to be healthy during my university years.
    Before I leave for University, I'd like to learn how to cook some healthy meals first!
  • Sweet 16th

    Sweet 16th
    Yummy yummy yummy cakes :)
    I want to go to Demetre's on this date
  • Graduate from Markville SS

    Graduate from Markville SS
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    University of McMaster/McGill

    I'm not too sure which Univerisity I would like to attend yet. However, for sure, I know that I am going study the sciences. I have passion for Math and Physics. I absolutely love subjects that make sense logically and numerically.
  • My 20th Birthday

    My 20th Birthday
    Turning 20 years old would be a big day for me. I'd like to find a pet octopus before that!