Timeline created by Vatcha
  • Birth

    I was born on national taco day.
    GO TACO'S!
  • Period: to

    My life

  • My perents left for America

    My perents left me with my gramdma and left to go to America.
  • Electrical Outlets

    When I was 2 I loved to play with electrical outlets because i had very boring toys.
  • I moved to America

    I moved to America at age 3 and i was so happy to see my Mom and Dad.
  • Kindergarten

    It's my first day of Kindergaten and I'm so excited!
  • XBOX

    It's Cristmas morning and I just found a present with my name on it and it says XBOX!
  • First Grade!

    It's my first day of first grade and I can't belive how fun it was!
  • Playstation 3

    It's October 4th today so that means it's my bithday and I'm so excited to see that I got a PS3!
  • First Laptop

    It's Christmas and I'm holding my very own laptop! It quite small but it's still a laptop!
  • Fifth grade

    It's the start of the 5th grade and now I feel so elated that I am this far in life!
  • XBOX 360

    It's my 11th birthday and I got what I have always wanted... an XBOX 360!
  • Cameron

    I met my friend!