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Alannah Stone's Timeline

  • My First MP3 Player

    My First MP3 Player
    I got an MP3 player when I was seven years old because my older siblings had them, so of course I needed one too. I could not believe I could pick out my own songs and didn't need to carry around a bulky CD player. Music has been an incredibly important aspect of my life from an early age, and this was just the first of many technological advancements that helped me further discover that love and passion (I found the actual MP3 player at my parent's house and snapped a picture).
  • Apple iPhone is Released

    Apple iPhone is Released
    This was a big event not only in my life, but many others, as it introduced technology that would remain in many people's lives for well over a decade and counting. I was too young to get an iPhone when they were first released, but after a lot of begging my mom let me get the iPod Touch that all of my friends had. IMG SRC:
  • My First Laptop

    My First Laptop
    For my twelfth birthday, my parents got me my own Dell laptop. We had a family computer that my siblings and I were all able to use, but this was memorable for me as I could use the computer alone in my room without anyone asking when I would be finished. This was also the same time I was fully introduced to the magic that is Microsoft Word, which allowed me to easier explore my interest in creative writing.
  • Taking FLVS Classes

    Taking FLVS Classes
    Beginning in freshman year of high school, I was fortunate enough to take half of my classes online through FLVS. At this time, online high school courses were not incredibly common at my school and it was something we had to work hard to get approved. Once I began classes, though, it was honestly life-changing and absolutely impacted where I am today. IMG SRC:
  • Becoming an Online Store Manager

    Becoming an Online Store Manager
    At the beginning of the pandemic, I worked to build and manage an online store for Plato's Closet, which is where I had worked as a social media coordinator. Being able to upload the store's inventory onto a site for customers all over the country to shop while our physical store was closed was an amazing benefit. Even when our physical store re-opened, I remained in this position as our online store has garnered loyal customers from all over. IMG SRC:
  • Virtual Classes Begin

    Virtual Classes Begin
    Though my own virtual classes were an event in and of themselves, it was more impactful to be with my niece while she went through Kindergarten virtually. The circumstances were dire, but it was exciting to see that she was still able to learn and make friends all through Microsoft Teams. Being able to use and have programs like these is incredibly important and necessary, especially during times like these.