aimees holiday

  • first day off school

    getting my ears pierced in clairs
  • Going Home

    Flew home to dublin Ireland with my mom and brother. My aunt Jacquie collected us from the airport and drove me straight to my best friend Alannah's party.
  • Causey Farm

    went to causey farm stirred xmas pudding, went to santas workshop and saw santa and he gave us presents. played throwing tennisballs at wooden snowmen trying to knock their heads down.
  • Christmas Day

    Woke at 5am. Went downstairs with my family and looked at all the presents Santa brought me. When I saw my guitar I was super happy. I visited my Nana and Grandad. Later that my day all my cousins came over for christmas dinner. We had great fun on Christmas day.
  • St Stephens Day

    Went to pirates cove with my cousins a fun place full of bouncy castles, boats and zorb balls. Afterwards we went to McDonalds.
  • New Years Eve

    My mom hid candy all over the living room in my Grandads house where we were staying. My cousins and I looked for the candy!
  • Going Home

    We flew back to london heathrow on New Years Day.
  • Chessington Zoo

    I went to Chessington Zoo and saw penguins getting fed. The zookeeper asked "does anybody know what the largest penguin in the world is?" and I awnsered "emperor penguin" and I was correct.