The day I was Born!!!!

Timeline created by Jday
  • infancy-emotional development

    well according to all the stories my mom use to tell me about when i was a baby. she would say i was crybaby. she said that i cried all the time and i never wanted to be put down.
  • Infancy- physical development

    I don't remember the exact day that i started walking. but i do remember my mother telling me that i started to walk right around my 1st birthday.
  • Infancy cognitive development

    when i was infant probably was using symbolic functioning a lot. i use to scribble things on paper that was laying around the house all the time. I would also engage in pretend to play, such as play house with my older siblings. i would always act like my mom and say the things that she use to say and do in situations with us.
  • infancy-emotional development

    I would say that i was more securely attached. even though i was shy as i child, i still had my twin sister by my side every second of the day. so even though my mother was gone i never cried or screamed when she left because i knew i had someone with me at all times.
  • early childhood -cognitive development

    when i was ages 2 between 4 years old, i think i had a lot of interest in doing hair or even playing in make-up. i think it fits in with the concept of categorization because, at that age as a young girl, your looking at your mother and seeing all the things she does and you want to do those same things as well.
  • early childhood -emotional development

    early childhood -emotional development
    family and friends would describe my personality in early childhood as shy. they said i didn't cry as much like i did when i was an infant. but they would always say that i was the quiet one and just sat back and observed people, and would only speak to them if they came up to me and initiated the first word.
  • early childhood-physical development

    when i was child I got plenty of exercise. especially early childhood, when i went to school during P.E all we would do was run the track and play jump in rope to remain physically active.
  • early childhood- cognitive development

    when i was in 4th grade we would always have these spelling bee's in English class. i was so competitive i would always go home in study, just to prove that i was the best speller. when I look back on those days i realize that doing those spelling bee's every week and going home and practicing everyday really helped me with language and so may ways. i learned that if the origin of a word was Latin then all F sounds were pronounced as a PH. also they would correct me if I used improper lang.
  • early childhood -cognitive development

    early childhood -cognitive development
    i remember i was in the fifth grade my school had gave everyone this test to take. the teacher didn't tell us what it was for, it was just mandatory for us to take it. well later i found out it was a test for gifted student, if you got a certain score on it you got to enter this program. i felt very sad when i found out my sister got in the program and i didn't. it was like a slap in the face that she thought she was more intelligent than me because she got into the program and i didn't.
  • adolescence- cognitive developpment

    during this time with leaning towards more of my middle school years. i think i was in the concrete operational stage. i started to look at the perspective of others and saw how there thoughts and ideas differ from my own.
  • adolescence-physical development

    when I was in my pre-teen stage during middle school I endured in a lot of after school activities. i did track in field, dance, and basketball.
  • adolescence-emotional development

    an important relationship i had during this time period of my life can be described as friend like. we were just friends, we like each other for our personalities and the conversations we would have. we didn't have deep feeling towards one another, we didn't see each other as a companion.
  • adolescence- physical development

    I think i enter puberty pretty later in life. i didn't really start to grow breast until i was like 14-15. it had a major effect on me because my twin sister was way more developed and people would always compare.
  • adulthood-cognitive development

    adulthood-cognitive development
    as I emerge into adulthood i still think i'm in the concrete operational stag, but becoming more along the lines of the formal operational stage. but i don't know if would ever get fully there. because i'm getting a better sense of the world, and starting to think more abstractly and think of ideas, and what situation i can apply them to.
  • early adulthood-emotional development

    Sternberg would have describe my most important relationship during this stage of my life as Fatuous. we were very both passionate and committed towards one another and the relationship.
  • early adulthood - emotional development

    early adulthood - emotional development
    thinking of the closest relationship I have now, and its with my mother. I would describe it as a secure relationship. we have a very healthy and positive relationship now, and were always there for each other and she gives me words of encouragement. But I think she also knows to give me my space, and let me venture out and explore things on my own.
  • adulthood-physical development

    now that i'm emerging in adulthood i must be honest and say that i do not regularly exercise. once i graduated from high school i lost all interest in exercising. I don't feel like that is the best thing for me, i definitely need to exercise more for future terms.