AD 500-1000

Timeline created by hyoiu
  • 285

    Vikings attack paris

  • Period: 507 to 507

    clovis's army drives visigoths out of france

  • 527

    justinian I becomes emperor of eastern roman emperor

  • 529

    St.Benedict founds the first monistary

  • 529

    St. Benedict founds his first monastery.

  • 537

    construction of hagia sophia begins in constantinople

  • 590

    St. Gregory the Great becomes pope

  • 596

    Pope St. Gregory the Great sends St. Augustine of Canterbury to England to evangelize the Anglo-Saxons.

  • 597

    St. Augustine baptizes the King of Kent

  • 632

    Death of mohammed

    mohamed whom the muslims call the prophet mohammed is the founder of islam by the time of his death all of arabia is muslim
  • 637

    Muslims attack Constantinople

  • 638

    Muslims capture jerusalem

  • 698

    Muslims attack carthage

    end of eastern roman rule over north africa
  • 711

    Muslims invade and occupy spain

  • 716

    St. Boniface leaves England to evangelize Germania

  • 732

    France halts muslim invasion

  • 754

    With St. Boniface’s help, the pope allies with the kings of the Franks

  • 793

    Vikings attack england

  • 800

    charlamagne is crowned Holy roman emperor by Pope Leo III

    Eastern christians in constantinople did not approve of charlemagne's coronation and the new title bestowed by the pope caused further division between east and west
  • 800

    gunpowder invented

  • 997

    Muslims occupy santiago de compostela in spain burial of st.james the apostle

  • 1000

    Muslims control two thirds of the ancient Christian world

  • 1054

    The Great Schism

  • 1073

    St. Gregory VII elected pope

  • 1073

    Pope St. Gregory VII excommunicates the Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV

  • 1088

    First universities founded

  • 1094

    The Byzantine emperor in Constantinople asks the West for aid against Muslim armies

  • 1095

    Pope Urban II calls for a Crusade, and Christians temporarily capture Jerusalem

  • 1144

    First Gothic cathedral completed

  • 1147

    Second and Third Crusades

  • 1204

    Crusaders from the Fourth Crusade sack Constantinople

  • 1209

    Franciscan Order is founded by St. Francis of Assisi

  • 1216

    Dominican Order founded by St. Dominic

  • 1229

    The Inquisition is founded

  • 1247

    Bubonic plague arrives in Europe

  • 1265

    St. Thomas Aquinas write the Summa Theologica

  • 1300

    The Renaissance begins

  • 1377

    St. Catherine of Siena convinces the pope to return the papacy to Rome

  • 1386

    St. Catherine of Siena cares for the sick and buries the dead when the plague strikes Siena.

  • 1453

    Muslims conquer Constantinople and tun Hagia Sophia into a mosque

  • 1492

    Christopher Columbus reaches the Americas