About my dad

Timeline created by SadieShadey
  • when he was born

    The dad he was born my nana said that was the day she knew there was going to be more problems, but also the happiest.
  • when I was born

    my dad said he didn't think I was going to come but I'm here now. He called me the miracle child.
  • He pick my name

    There was a lot of arguing about who picked my name. Turns out the people who pick my name were my dad and sister. I love my name because to me I think it represents art, any kind of art. Singing, music, and drawing that's what I think my name means.
  • I introduced me to chocolate

    I introduced me to chocolate
    My dad eats chocolate a lot, and my family eats lots of chocolates. So when he introduced to chocolate I loved it. I didn't just love it. I couldn't stop eating it, whenever I get the chance I go for it. I couldn't believe people when they say they hated chocolate. That was a crime in my book.
  • He taught me how to cook

    He taught me how to cook
    When I was 5 I thought to myself cooking can't be that hard. Turns out, it is when you're small and you can't reach things. The only person that told me how and what to do was my dad. he also mixed it up for me, but I did the rest.
  • He taught me how to play football

    He taught me how to play football
    I was really active when I was little, right now I'm kinda active. I love to play fight with anyone, and football is kind like fighting. It wasn't easy to make a perfect throw but I did good enough. I had to push high schoolers down to the ground because they had to prove that they were strong enough to push down other people.
  • he buyed my a bunny

    he buyed my a bunny
    My older sister killed my other cute baby bunny by feeding him ice cream. Two days later we tried to get a new, but I didn't have enough money, so my dad bought him for me, and he was adorable.
  • He kinda taught me how to drive

    He kinda taught me how to drive
    See, I was young, and little kids do dumb things. I was just thinking of how much fun it is to drive a car. I bothered my dad over and over again, and he finally let me. On his lap of course. I was good at that I got us home faster when he drives.
  • He give my a puppy

    He give my a puppy
    After Smokey died everyone was sad, I was too. Smockey was the best. He knew how to protect us and he knew that he shouldn't runoff. He knew that old block, he knew everyone there too. Sometimes he would go to someone else house and come back a few mins later when he died everyone cried, explicitly my big sister. When it was my birthday my dad showed me the new dog I was getting. He was super small and he kept nibbling are feet but it didn't replace Smockey.
  • He taught me how to climb a fence

    He loves doing competitions a lot, so he did one with me, my brother, and my little sister. Like I said I would do anything for chocolate. We had to race for the chocolate. We had to climb the fence run to the other fence and run back. It was a lot but I still got my chocolate.