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about me

  • my birthday <3

    my birthday <3
    i was born a day late i was suppose to be borin on april 5th but i came april 6th.
    i have a few couzins tha have april bdays like april 12th, april 16 ,april th, april 24th, april 29, april 10th ;D do you see your bithday twin
  • show you how strong i am

    show you how strong i am
    i had sugery when i was four going on to five on my stomach it was in bed sleep and it was really bad pain that i couldnt stop crying so they took me to the hospital and started sugery fast because i was heading towords death i woke up 3 days later my body was aching i felt old but my body stated getting stronger and stroonger.
  • family reunion

    family reunion
    i was scared to meet my family for the first time i was so young i wasnt sure if they were going to like me bbut i have it a try . lol they called me lil miss sassy for a long time. :D
  • my first two wheeler bike

    my first two wheeler bike
    i learned how to ride my first two wheeler on my own of course i had scratches all over me but i wouldnt gave up and i kept riding my bike until i got it right. THEN I FINALLY GOT IT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!
  • very first performance on my own

    very first performance on my own
    i was singing one day and this lady heard me and she asked if i wanted to try out for auditons. so then i was at auditions i was so nerves but it was only three judges so i did it any way . then i recieved a call from the place i got into the thing and they wanted me to perform on my own at this place so i said yes. when i got on stage it was like so scary people staring at me but then i felt loved from the crowd i just got use to it nd got happy . and i did great ;D
  • my life with shakespeare

    my life with shakespeare
    when i was in elementry i was in several plays doing shakespeare he is a inspiration for me in writing like romeo an juliet & mid summer nights dream and many more. i cant wait to do more in acting dancing and singing it was kinda fun
  • my first time in middle school

    my first time in middle school
    the first day i went to middle school was scary i was shaking so bad i didnt now what to say everyone i knew wasnt going to the new school i was going to but then i got use to it and the first year in middle school was funn !!!!!!!
  • my baby couzin yolanda

    my baby couzin yolanda
    my baby couzin yolanda was born in april 16,2013 she was born a month early she was suppose to be born may 11 but he birthday is close to mine know. my birthday is april 6th and hers is april 16th
  • my history with poems

    my history with poems
    when i was young i started to like to write about how i feel and anything eles that came to my mind i was so creative. i still like writing poems but now that i know about deatials and metaphors and simile i can make my writing way more interesting and more understangings and thats where i get my advice from because i thing my mind is more wiser.
  • the first time i went swimming

    the first time i went swimming
    the first time i went swimming was scary because i was short and i didnt know how to swim but my friend took the time to help me.