About Me

  • DisneyWorld

    This is my friend and I at Disney World on Christmas wearing our favorite shoes TOMS.. they are the best.
  • My brother and I

    My brother and I
    This is my brother and I at Universal Studios.. and I put this on here because I look up to my brother and he is very important to my life.
  • Shopping

    I love to go shopping, especially with friends. So, this is a picture of my friends and I shopping at the mall.
  • The Justin Bieber Movie

    The Justin Bieber Movie
    This is a picture of my friends and I on my birthday at the Justin Bieber movie.. and yes I am a Belieber.
  • Graffitti Falls

    Graffitti Falls
    This is a picture of Graffitti Falls in Manitou Springs. My friends and I go here all the time and Manitou to us feels like our home away from home. We love all the crazy shops, the people, and of course Graffiti Falls.
  • The Continuation Dance

    The Continuation Dance
    This is a picture from the Continuation Dance last school year and I have this on here because dances are fun.
  • My Friends and I at the Hanging Lake

    My Friends and I at the Hanging Lake
    I love to be with my friends and this picture was taken Fourth of July and it was a hike we did in the canyon at Glenwood Springs. Hiking and being outdoors are some of my favorite things to do.
  • Movie Premier

    Movie Premier
    This is my friends and I at the Harry Potter 7 premier. This is on here because I love Harry Potter and movie premiers because they are super fun.