A Year to Remember

By Desi
  • The First Day of Freshman Year

    The First Day of Freshman Year
    4th hour I came to Mrs.Lafasciano's class for the very first time. I was worried she's be like my last language arts teacher who made tasks very difficult for the class. However, once I listened to Mrs.L tell us about herself, I was amazed to find out that we have had some of the same family tragedies. I was scared to death but I soon realized Benton is my home now, and I couldn't be happier.
  • Meet Sergeant Rivera

    Meet Sergeant Rivera
    Yesterday was a red day now I get to go around to all my white day teachers! I was so excited to get to J.R.O.T.C. Sergeant Rivera turned out to be a really nice man and I was honored to meet Major Stackhouse as well. I can't believe I was worried that people would be mean to me in R.O.T.C. This class has taugh me about life in many more ways than one.
  • Another Red Day

    Another Red Day
    2nd hour was a drag and some people were really rude. I was so happy when 4th hour rolled around. We took a writing test and I learned that a great paper takes time and you can not rush! I also learned that the more you sit down and think about something, the better the end product will turn out.
  • Marching Band Picture Day....... hurray

    Marching Band Picture Day....... hurray
    The title just says it all doesn't it? Yeah, that was not fun, The bleachers were crowded and the uniform is stuffy. Everyone was hot and sweaty but it made for a good picture. We at least LOOKED professional. Band made up a pretty good portion of my high school memories.

    The first varsity home football game for the 2010-2011 season.I get to go on the field at halftime, in uniform.... The band uniform. Benton won that game by the way. We creamed Kansas City! GO CARDINALS!
  • Southside Parade

    Southside Parade
    I have to walk from Kovac's Grocery Store to the Carnige Library. It's not all bad I'll get some excerise for the year. The parade was a little fun, although, I wish I could've walked with Spring Garden like I did last year. I was soaked with sweat by the end of that parade. Waiting on the steps are Carnige Library in full band uniform was not fun.
  • Fifteen

    It's finally time for me to get my permit! Look out people here I come. I'm a good driver and I'm extremely careful.I look both ways before I pull out of a parking space. Driving with a permit is fun and I can't wait to get out into the streets and to get my license. For now I like having a permit.
  • Thank You Veterans

    Thank You Veterans
    Today is the day I get to march in my R.O. uniform, in the band. They called me a pickle on the whole bus ride to the parade route and I was not too happy. But I am always willing to put on my uniform and present arms to a veteran. The parade would have been more enjoyable to me if I got to march with the battalion.

    The time has come for my first formal high school event. Where is it better to celebrate than with the JROTC? I had such a great time getting all dolled up and dancing! I wore the smae dress to the ball as I wore to 8th grade celebration and it still fit perfectly. That night was a blast and I look forward to mext year's Military Ball.
  • The Coolest Christmas Present Ever!

    The Coolest Christmas Present Ever!
    Today, Santa left me the coolest present ever; I got a brand new scientific telescope! This telescope is designed to see past Mars! Although it's not as high definition as I though, there is a scope that I can track the moon with. My telescope is really fancy and I love astronomy!
  • Benchmark? But I'm not ready!

    Benchmark? But I'm not ready!
    8 out of 19 on the benchmark! I can do better. That's 41% not good. I learned that testing requires time and lots of consentration. Mrs.Lafasciano taught me that imporvement over the year was possible and my scores would get better. Mrs.L helped me just by being patient and working with me when I needed to ask a question.
  • Point of View

    Point of View
    There is second person point of view. Is it used frequnetly? No ma'am it is not! I learned that any point of view could work for any type of story you want to write. The Drowsy Chaperone counts as a 2nd person story, and it's my favorite musical other than Hairspray! 2nd person point of view involves interacting with the audience. That explains the Drowsy Chaperone
  • Ironic isn't it?

    Ironic isn't it?
    I learned that irony is just supposed to be the opposite outcome of what one might think.Yeah the song "Ironic" isn't so ironic. I learned that irony can be used in more ways than one. Such as dramatic irony when the audience knows something that the characterds don't. Like in Romeo and Juliet, when Romeo faked his death and Juliet found him and killed herself. Then Romeo found Juliet dead and killed himself. Maybe he should have told Juliet!
  • I think I'm going to be sick!

    I think I'm going to be sick!
    It's the trianual review in R.O.T.C. today and I'm nervous as heck! I'm so scared that we'll loose our honor unti with destinction status. But we kept our gold star and got a standing ovation from important members of the U.S. Army. Thankfully I don't have to go through that again until my junior year! (The trianual inspection was not that bad)
  • Community Service Day

    Community Service Day
    Picking up trash on the side of V Highway was tiring enough on it's own. Right after we picked up trash we filled backpacks a second harvest. Phew, what a day! That's just one day in the life of a J.R.O.T.C. cadet corporal.
  • Guess what? You have a writing project due May 1st!

    Guess what? You have a writing project due May 1st!
    This is probably the best paper I wrote in my life. So much time and effort went into my Vietnam story. I learned that history can be put into the form of a story and be made interesting. The facts can easily be snuck into a story without being uber obvious. I learned the long process of editing that it takes to write a good paper.
  • Parades, uniforms, and one band bus OH MY!!

    Parades, uniforms, and one band bus OH MY!!
    Apple Blossom Parade time is here once again. I got up at 6:30 to be in the band room by the 8:00 report time. And we only had one bus yikes! Plus marching from Corby Pond to the Civic Arean is enough to make one's head explode. Especially when playing the same song over and over again. Someone please get me out of this parade!
  • Praise God

    Praise God
    Like any other Wednesday night, I go to Youth Group. Most of the time I get irritated with the teenagers and run off with the director of the elementary school aged bible study group. They are called Kid Vision, and they are a blast to work with. I love the children even when they are 2 seconds away from popping my personal bubble. I love going to church and learning about God. I love teaching people and being able to have trustworthy people answer my tough questions.
  • Physical Training

    Physical Training
    This is only done once a week so it's really not that bad. Although we did run a mile and now I can't feel my legs. While running around the track i kept telling myself "You can do it Des! It's just a mile!" I made the mile in 14 minutes, my last time was 12 minutes. That is definately not good.
  • Yearbooks

    The day has finally come that we get our yearbooks! I am so excited; I can't wait until third hour, because that's when we get the "golden ticket" that allows us to leave. Once I finally got my yearbook I was a little disappointed that the yearbook did not consist of the school colors. Maybe next year I'll join yearbook commitee and I can say "We need more red!"
  • Last Day as a Freshman

    Last Day as a Freshman
    ( The picture reads: Pencils- tiny, earsers -flat, glue-empty, folders- fat, crayons-broken, desk-neat, memories-forever, year-complete) It is a bittersweet moment. I loved being a Benton freshman but not everyone loves us. I look forward to returning as a sophomore with brand new classes and inrterests. I can't believe I made it this far. Where did the time go?
  • Good luck seniors!

    Good luck seniors!
    I will play Pomp and Circumstance with the band on this day for the graduating seniors. I wish them luck as they set off into the world. Forgive me if I cry while the band plays Pomp and Circumstance. I just get so emotional.